Please help us congratulate our Medical Director, Emilio M. Justo, MD, who presented his first TEDx talk in Denver on Saturday, August 12, 2023 at the TEDxCherryCreekHS event! The title of his talk is:

Delayed Gratification: Your Superpower to Success

The TEDx Talk video is now live!  Please see the link below to view the full video, as well as photos of the event:


Gregory Uhles  

Greg picWittman, Arizona   

I could barely see more than a few inches in front of my face without contact lenses or thick glasses.Then, to make matters worse, I developed dense cataracts in both eyes.I had to stop playing tennis at night due to the glare and foggy nature of my vision. Even playing during the day became a challenge - I could not see where the ball was coming from! It was a major blow to lose my ability to enjoy my favorite activities. As a registered nurse, I did my research and made sure I sought help from the best. Dr. Emilio Justo really stood out. You can tell by the positive reviews, the impressive before and after images and his desire to invest in top technology that he was a wise choice for my cataract surgery. At my consultation, I chose to take advantage of the precision of the LenSx laser and I selected the Toric premium lens due to my astigmatism. I had high hopes for a major improvement to my vision, but even those hopes were far exceeded. I cannot believe the improvement to my vision. I went from having very limited vision to now not even needing reading glasses! The limitations are gone. I no longer fear losing my driver's license because I can see signs and house numbers at night again. Seeing the computer screen is a breeze now. I can see the alarm clock from across the room. My quality of life has gone up 1000%!

Shirley Stolz

Waddell, Arizona    

I woke up the day after surgery and everything looks so different! The blinds had bold pink colors that I never saw on them before. I thought, are they supposed to be so colorful? Then, I looked outside my kitchen window and perched on the roof behind our house was a bird! I could see it in such detail. I got very emotional I see this bird perfectly on the roof. I have been wearing glasses and contacts for 46 years. It just took me by surprise, that I could see such a beautiful detail in something so far away. The colors all around me are bright and joyful. My husband and I even went to the grocery store, and even there, everything was so bright. I thought, why did I worry so much about surgery and someone working on my eye, when I should have been looking forward to this new life. Dr. Justo, Sherrie and the entire staff made the entire process easy, and they were even excited for me, eager to see the results they knew I would get. I chose a Toric premium lens since I have Astigmatism, and went with the LenSx laser as well, and I am so happy with the results! I was at the point that I had to have it done, especially with driving getting so blurry. I am so glad I did and that I chose Dr. Justo and the Arizona Eye Institute. My distance vision is so sharp - I am so happy!

Catherine Wartenberg  

Peoria, Arizona    

I have been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember. Worse, I have been dealing with a strong prescription and Astigmatism. Then came the cataracts diagnosis. When I went to my consultation, Dr. Justo helped me to customize everything to my needs. I chose a Toric lens implant and now I see like an Eagle! I could not be happier with the results of my cataract surgery. I have to sometimes wear reading glasses, but my results are a miracle in my eyes. I highly recommend reviewing your options with Dr. Justo!

Robert Wiggins

Phoenix, Arizona  Robert W

I'm Robert Wiggins, 72 years old and a native of Arizona, born in Phoenix. I started wearing glasses when I was seven years old and in the second grade. Well, I got my glasses and my first day at school I was immediately nicknamed "four-eyes" since I was the only boy in all of the first, second or third grade who wore glasses.

As I aged, my eyes gradually got a little worse each year and eventually I was wearing so-called "Coke bottle bottom" glasses. This was before polycarbonate lenses and my glasses were getting heavier and heavier. When polycarbonate lenses came out, they were a God-send and w hile my lenses were lighter, they still were very thick. Eventually with age I required bifocals and finding decent looking frames became a while new problem. Cataracts were the next affliction.

I started going to the Arizona Eye Institute on the recommendation of a friend of mine for my eye exams after the doctor I had used for years finally retired. When my cataracts finally began to affect the clarity of my vision, Dr. Shifrin recommended I talk to Dr. Justo about cataract surgery. 

Dr. Justo answered any and all of my questions and addressed my concerns and told me the goal would be to get my eyes as close to 20-20 as possible without glasses. He further told me that the decision would be mine on whether I wanted to do it now or wait for awhile. Since I was not getting any younger, I opted for now.

I had my left eye surgery on May 28th and was amazed at how smooth everything went. Each day as my vision became a little clearer and a little clearer, I was stunned at how much brighter colors were and how sharp the definition was on the photos and television. Everything was just so much brighter! My eyes tested 20-30 on both eyes, which is an unbelievable change from 20-600 and 20-750 that they were before the surgery.

I literally had a new pair of eyes! I do have to wear reading glasses for the very small print on spray cans, prescription bottles and such, but for everything else I do not need them. I'm able to drive, watch TV and read without glasses. For the first time in 65 years, I do not need glasses! I am officially no longer a member of the "Four Eyes Club." With technology available today, the odds are definitely in your favor for great results.

Lastly, I can not say enough good things about Dr. Justo and his staff at the Arizona Eye Institute. They were extremely professional in everything they did and still made me feel like we were all a big family at the same time. Everybody, Dr. Justo, Dr. Shifrin, Dr. Zambrano, Sherrie, the folks in surgery, the assistants and everybody else were the best that I could hope for. I would give them a gold star and recommend them to anyone who has any kind of eye problems.

Kimberly Nelson

Phoenix, Arizona  Grandma

"When I was diagnosed with cataracts, I had a lot going on, so I put it off. I have had struggles with my vision my entire life, with a very strong prescription and 20/400 vision. But when the time came that I had to make a decision, I made sure that I did my homework and looked into the very best surgeons. It was important I saw a doctor who understood my eyes: I had a hereditary cataract in my other eye when I was 19. I have always relied very strongly on contacts or eyeglasses.  I did not realize how bad my vision was before surgery. I used to read a lot, but couldn't read because the letters weren't working with me. Now, I can read - I can pick up a book and be happy in my own little world. And what was most valuable to me were the things that I did not realize I was missing: Since my youngest granddaughter was born, I literally have never seen her clearly. I was never able to see her face completely clear. But, after surgery, I opened my eyes and it just hit me that I could see her really clear! All I could say was, 'Oh my god, Grandma can see you now!' It was amazing. I saw details I never knew she had. It's been a long road, dealing with my vision throughout my life, and I am so grateful that I put my faith in Dr. Justo for such a life-changing surgery."

Frances Oldenkamp  

Sun City West, Arizona

I am very much an independent person and now I can drive wherever I want to go.  I can read road signs again, and my distance vision is 20/20. I would not have trusted my independence to anyone else!

Edward Kraft  Ed Kraft

Sun City West, Arizona

"I play a lot of golf and it got to the point that I was hitting the ball and just watching it disappear. I would pick it up, drop it, hit it and it would disappear. Or, I would be able to see it traveling, until it hit the ground. My out of state eye doctor recommended Dr. Emilio Justo when I told him I was moving to Sun City West.  I noticed the difference right away after surgery!  You don't realize the difference in colors until afterward. Now I can see vibrant colors I did not realize I was missing. And, now I can watch my ball and know exactly where it lands. I definitely can enjoy life more now."

Elvira Capiello

Goodyear, Arizona

"It's going to take time getting used to opening my eyes and seeing the world around me! I wore thick glasses for so much of my life. It’s a beautiful gift for me to see my family the moment I wake up in the morning. Arizona Eye Institute’s entire staff made the process of eye surgery so easy, and relaxing. I am so grateful I put my trust in the right hands.” 

Robert Leute

Sun City, Arizona

Allow me to congratulate you for a superb job with my cataract surgery!  I came to you as I was told I needed cataract surgery, and I wanted a second opinion. I had absolutely no knowledge at all, about what caused the medical problem, and the procedure for surgery was foreign to me. That's were you entered the picture. Dr. Justo, I was very impressed with your outstanding accomplishments, including your 30 years experience, and your calm confidence. This gave me the assurance I was looking for to proceed. Plus, it was your demeanor, your dedication to your profession, including your patients, which explained to me your success. Conclusion: My operation was a SUCCESS thanks to you, and using the words of old songs, for example,  (youtube Ray Conniff) "I Can See Clearly Now."  You also seriously advised me to quit smoking because "Smoke Gets in My Eyes (the Platters) and that it could make "My Blue Eyes Brown" (by Gayle Chrystal). Summary: I have discovered that there are no expiration dates for happiness.  Pass it on!


Sandra Honn

Sun City, Arizona

I had no idea how much life I was missing, until Dr. Emilio M. Justo performed laser cataract surgery on my eyes, and implanted ReSTOR multifocal lenses to correct my vision for near and far. For the first time in years, the colors on my paintings leapt out and reminded me of that long-lost love. Today, I am vacationing with my grandkids and painting with them again. I appreciated the kind, family atmosphere, and it has been a joy to return and share my paintings with Dr. Justo! And now, not only are my cataracts gone - but so are my glasses, thanks to the lens implants!


Glen Navis

Sun City., Arizona

Dr. Emilio Justo not only was the first to diagnose my cataracts, but he opened my eyes to how laser cataract surgery could truly improve my entire life. I chose the laser surgery, so that Dr. Justo could implant the TORIC lens in both eyes to correct my pre-existing astigmatism. It was the best choice I have ever made for my life. After surgery, I lost 30 pounds as my renewed vision made me excited to get in the game again, and do my best on my local softball league. I am forever grateful for Dr. Justo's personal care and concern, and I am living life again!

Kahree Yamani

Houston, Texas

Dr. Justo is the BEST physician in the entire state of Arizona. He is thorough and he performs his eye tests, rather than having an assistant do the work. He is very informative and her results were amazing. In Aug I went to the other company (it was close to work and they said said I had cataracts and needed surgery. I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Justo since my sister had gotten her cataract surgery done by him and I wanted to compare and get a second opinion. OMG Dr. Justo discovered I DO NOT have cataracts and do not need cataract surgery. And to boot - the other eye center also wanted to charge me almost $4,000 for both eyes, which Dr. Justo had included in his price - which was covered by my insurance company 80 - 20. I love Dr. Justo and if I move back to Texas, I will pay the money and come to see my wonderful GREATEST DOCTOR Dr. EMILIO JUSTO... LOVE YOU DR JUSTO! 

Wilda Farris

Sun City, Arizona

Dr. Emilio Justo was able to perform laser cataract surgery, which made me  much more comfortable. I am so grateful now that I can see the street signs while driving. The successful surgery has really helped me maintain my independence. I no longer have that blind spot, and I passed my last driving test with flying colors.

David Fohr

Sun City, Arizona

It's like somebody turned the lights on and I can see! It's a whole new world. It's like I was walking around with a blurry pair of glasses on that you can't see out of. It was just fuxxy, blurry, lights were too bright. But no one would do surgery on me. Dr. Emilio M. Justo at the Arizona Eye Institute performed laser cataract surgery, and everything is beautiful now. I can go bowling, and before when everyone had to watch my ball and tell me when it was coming, now I see everything myself. Thank you, Dr. Justo!


Madeline Schmaltz

Yarnell, Arizona

My recent cataract surgery was an incredibly positive experience thanks to Dr. Emilio Justo and his professional and caring staff. I had some apprehension before surgery due to the fact that I only have vision in the eye that needed cataract surgery. I now have perfect vision in that eye thanks to Dr. Justo and his professional staff.

RichardRichard L. Woods

Surprise, Arizona

If you are having visual problems and in need of an eye specialist, Dr. Emilio Justo is the one for you.

Dr. Justo was recommended to me by a family friend. He became my “miracle worker” by performing my cataract surgeries with lens implants. And now, 21 years later, my vision is just as clear as it was following the surgeries. Yearly check-ups are important and I haven’t missed a year since 1990. I have told Dr. Justo over the years how grateful I am for his expertise and how highly I regard his professionalism. I trust his hands are insured by Lloyds of London!

Dr. Justo, my sincere thanks to you is endless.

NormandDr. Normand Blanchette

Glendale, Arizona

Having recently completed both cataract surgeries, I am thrilled with the results. My eyes went from somewhat poor vision to amazing 20/15 vision. Although the skill and success of the surgery was appreciated, the purpose of this letter is to give Dr. Justo recognition as an outstanding person. Dr. Justo provided courtesy, kindness, compassion, and friendly service throughout. He has a “special talent” to make everything comfortable for every patient that he provides for. The staff is also very professional, which complements the practice.


E. Normand Blanchette, D.D.S.

BarbaraBarbara Donald

Glendale, Arizona

In January 2011, I had cataract surgery with the multifocal lens implanted in both eyes. What a difference this has made in my life! For the first time since I was eight years old, I have not had to wear glasses and feel like a new person. I had given up driving at night, but am now able to do so. I can read street signs, watch hot air balloons while showering and see the TV when not on top of it, etc. I still feel like “a kid in a candy shop” and only wish this could have been done many years ago.

Dr. Justo spent a great deal of time explaining the procedure to both me and my husband, answered our many questions, and gave me the secure feeling that was needed for me to proceed. I recommend the procedure and Dr. Justo to everyone with cataracts.

MichaelMichael Dalrymple

Peoria, Arizona

At my annual check up it was apparent that I needed cataract surgery. Dr. Justo explained the choices I had. Since I had astigmatism quite bad in both eyes we decided to go with the Toric lens implant. In November and December of 2008 I had cataract surgery with the Toric lens implants in both eyes performed. The procedure for both eyes exceeded all my expectations.

Dr. Emilio Justo performed the procedure and from the very beginning he put to rest all of my concerns. Dr. Justo and his staff from day one made me feel I was part of their extended family.

My entire experience met and exceeded all my expectations. I am now able to drive, watch television without glasses for the first time. I need glasses only for reading. I would highly recommend Dr. Emilio Justo, M.D. and staff at the Arizona Eye Institute to anyone.

FrankFrank McMahon

Sun Lakes, Arizona

Two years ago I was informed that I had the early signs of cataracts in my left eye, but they would not become a problem for years. This past June, however, I realized that I couldn’t see clearly out of my left eye, and an Optometrist’s exam showed that the cataracts had developed very quickly and were in both eyes. I work as a consultant in California, and travel out of town every week. I didn’t know much about cataracts, and was very concerned that the cataracts would limit my ability to continue working. Fortunately, a friend recommended Dr. Justo. Dr. Justo realized my schedule constraints due to travel, and made sure that he and his staff accommodated my schedule.

Dr. Justo took the time to make sure I understood all aspects of the effect of cataracts, what the treatment consisted of, and the options I had. Within a two-month period I had both eyes corrected, and the results have been remarkable. I chose to receive the new RESTOR Multi-focal lenses, and now I no longer use glasses for anything, whether for reading or for distance vision. My eyesight is better that it has been for the last 20 years, and I’m enjoying nature in all of its glorious colors again!

My entire experience with Dr. Justo and his organization has been nothing but wonderful. He and his staff are very knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Their willingness to answer my questions, their timely follow-up, and their flexibility in accommodating my demanding schedule has been beyond my expectations. It’s easy to see why Dr. Justo is highly sought after and is considered one of the best in his field.

DonaldDonald Liess

Sun City West, Arizona

My former Ophthalmologist failed to diagnose my problem and I was rapidly losing my eyesight. While in Washington and after waiting 6 months, I went to see a different doctor and he also failed to diagnose my problem. When we returned to the valley, I knew I had to find a good doctor, or I was going to have to quit playing golf or driving the car.

Dr. Justo diagnosed my problem immediately. The cataracts were removed by Dr. Justo, and a new lens implanted in both eyes. I no longer need glasses for the first time in fifty years.

Dr. Justo recommended that my sagging eyelids needed a little tuck. This was done with no scarring at all. I would certainly recommend the Arizona Eye Institute and these wonderful doctors to anyone. The experience has changed my life for the better in many ways.

RonRon Leacock

Peoria, Arizona

I have been a patient of Dr. Justo’s for several years now. My most recent annual eye check-up was last summer when I was told that I had a cataract developing in my right eye and that my left was not far behind. I elected to wait until next year as I was very apprehensive with anything involving surgery with my eyes. Basically we traveled to the northeast in September and driving was very bad, as seeing street signs was very difficult and in my job with a major home supply company it became apparent that I had to set an appointment with the Arizona Eye Institute as I had extreme difficulty reading numbers on products.

I was fortunate enough to secure an appointment with Dr. Justo who explained the process in laymen’s terms. This process was to include the removal of my cataracts and the placement of a new lens that involved “no stitches” and no subsequent patch over my eye after surgery. The very next day I had an appointment with Dr. Justo as a follow up involving my right eye and to my amazement I could read the entire chart down to the fine print. It was the following week that I had the left eye done and Dr. Justo achieved the same results. I now wear glasses only to read the finer print on newspapers or while reading a book. Driving is a piece of cake and reading on my job is not a problem anymore.

My last visit to see Dr. Justo, I could read the entire chart with both eyes and no glasses (before my procedure I wore trifocal lenses). I feel very fortunate and blessed to have stumbled upon such a talented surgeon. I without hesitation would recommend this procedure for persons having the similar problems with vision and I highly recommend Dr. Justo.

DickDick Nelson

Wickenburg, Arizona

Several years ago I was diagnosed with cataracts and was told that I would have to have them taken care of at some point in time. When it became difficult to read street signs while driving, I decided that the time had come. I made an appointment with Dr. Justo to learn more about the procedure and then have it performed. The vision in my right eye was 20/400 and in my left eye 20/100. The surgery was performed on my right eye and 6 weeks later on my left. In both cases, my vision was corrected to 20/25 within 7 days. I wore glasses for over 40 years and thanks to Dr. Justo and his staff I no longer wear anything but sunglasses (which everyone in Arizona should). I cannot say enough about the professionalism of Dr. Justo and his entire staff.

Everyone was very knowledgeable and competent with their jobs and working with patients. Subsequent to my cataract surgery, I asked Dr. Justo to do my upper eyelid blepharoplasty to enhance my peripheral vision………thank you, Dr. Justo!

PaulPaul Riegel

Surprise, Arizona

The time finally came to have my cataracts removed. I am so happy we chose Dr. Justo. He explained everything to me ahead of time. The surgery was so easy and pain free. I do not have to wear glasses anymore. The staff of Arizona Eye Institute and Cosmetic Laser Center is excellent, professional, caring and friendly.

I also decided to have Dr. Justo perform Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty. I am amazed at the change. My peripheral vision has improved dramatically. Dr. Justo’s staff was superb. I highly recommend Dr. Justo and his staff to everyone.

Thank you to Dr. Justo and his staff

BobBob Hinderscheid

Sun City, Arizona

Recently I experienced blurred vision in both eyes and became concerned. I researched several eye clinics that do cataract surgery and decided on Arizona Eye Institute. I couldn’t have been more pleased with my choice. Dr. Emilio Justo, the Medical Director, and his staff were great. Service was excellent, appointments were timely and the results were terrific. I would gladly recommend them to anyone.

PatriciaPatricia Nawrocki

Sun City, Arizona

I had less than optimal results with previous eye surgery for cataract by another doctor. Dr. Justo helped me understand why and offered viable solutions to improve my vision. His professional and compassionate care has allowed me to see much better and hopeful for even more improvement.

VivianVivian Trainor

Sun City, Arizona

Having cataracts on both eyes for 3 years or more and knowing surgery was on the way, much to my surprise I am now so happy to have normal vision. I have never seen such dedicated people and a wonderful doctor. Dr. Justo singing throughout my surgeries was a plus!-

LoriLori Reeves

Surprise, Arizona

Where do I start in order to Thank you for my sight. After a trip to Dr Justo’s office I discovered I had a cataract in my right eye, Scared and unsure of what to do, he explained to me the simple procedure that could take place restoring my vision. I also had astigmatism in this eye as well. So my choices would be to select a lens to implant that would replace the cataract lens OR, replace the bad lens with a Toric lens, that could possibly correct the astigmatism too. I made my appointment for the surgery right away, but had reservations about spending the extra money for the Toric lens. After thinking about it for one day, the choice was easy, not only would I have sight but I could rid my self of the astigmatism permanently. Five days later I had the Toric lens implanted. The next day I went in for my follow up appointment and removal of the eye patch. As soon as the patch came off I could see. Before the surgery I had almost given up on driving the car, and thought of losing my independence was frightening. Sight thru what I thought was my “Good eye” was not enough to drive safely. I’m so glad I had it done, what use to be my good eye does not even come close to the sight I have with the Toric Lens Implant. I have a small cataract in my other eye as well, and will be having it also corrected with the Toric Lens Implant.

Thanks again Dr. Justo, for your kindness, patience and skill in restoring my sight,

You will be seeing me soon for the left eye.

AliceAlice Delgado

El Mirage, Arizona

I am a hairdresser and really need to see well, so I proceeded with cataract surgery in both eyes one week apart. It was good to get it over with quickly, not that it is painful or uncomfortable because it isn’t. In fact after the surgery I went on about my day pretty much as normal, I went with my husband to the bank and grocery store then home.

I chose to have the RESTOR Multifocal implant. It is a breakthrough lens that lets patients see from near to far, usually without glasses. I am real happy with the improvement in my sight. My recommendation is not to put the surgery off, get it done. You’ll be so happy with the results. Dr. Justo and his staff are so great and the same goes for the staff at Boswell Eye Institute.

Clara Ciuffo

Surprise, Arizona

WOW! What a difference a day makes. I was warned two years ago that I needed cataract surgery, but I was really afraid of anyone messing with my eyes. I arrived at a point where I thought I might be in heaven – everyone had a halo around their heads and I jokingly told people I was getting twice as much for my money because I could see double. Well, that was really a joke because I was just plain scared.

Finally, after looking for a good doctor, I found Dr. Justo. After my first appointment, I knew this was the right doctor for me. He was confident, relaxed, informative and reassuring. I was also impressed by his staff of caring assistants.

The day of my first eye surgery came and I had to talk myself into getting there. Once I arrived at the Eye Institute at Boswell, I was treated like a combination of royalty and family. Everyone was so nice. But, I was still afraid.

After all, who wants to think about someone cutting into their eyes – NOT ME! I was so nervous I started praying but couldn’t remember all the words and just kept repeating Our Father who art in Heaven……over and over. Then it was over in a flash – I couldn’t believe it. I was home within an hour of the short recovery time.

The day of my second eye surgery, I was not only ready, comfortable, joking with everyone and not at all afraid!

Thank you, Dr. Justo. My vision is great, I only need readers for small print up close, and everyone I see is only one person — and no more halos on earth!

Peggy Harvey

Flagstaff, Arizona

It has been my privilege to have Dr. Justo as my surgeon on three separate occasions- two-cataract surgeries and an eyebrow lift. In all cases the staff was wonderful, comforting and reassuring. Dr. Justo is a wonderful doctor and he makes sure that you are comfortable at all times during the procedure. All of these surgeries were pain free.

If you are considering any of the procedures that Dr. Justo offers you would be wise and extremely fortunate to be able to have Dr. Justo’s expertise.

Everyone was very knowledgeable and competent with their jobs and working with patients. Subsequent to my cataract surgery, I asked Dr. Justo to do my upper eyelid blepharoplasty to enhance my peripheral vision………thank you, Dr. Justo!

Karl Boldt

Surprise, Arizona

After noticing my eyes were getting weaker, and I really had poor vision in my right eye, I was unable to read and was not able to identify some objects, so I decided to have an eye examination at the Arizona Eye Institute and Cosmetic Laser Center. Dr. Justo performed my eye examination and confirmed I had cataracts. I needed to have my cataracts removed. Dr. Justo and his staff made all the necessary arrangements. Dr. Justo and all his staff I dealt with listened carefully to all my questions and concerns. Dr. Justo explained the results of my examination and spent the right amount of time with me. He showed a lot of interest in me as a person. With the help of Dr. Justo, I chose to have the multifocal ReSTOR lens implant. The operations took place on 6/23/08 and 6/30/08. After the removal of the patch from both eyes, I am no able to see perfectly. I am able to function without glasses. I can even read the newspaper!

Thank you Dr. Justo and staff for your professional and courteous service.


Peoria, Arizona

It’s good to be able to see street signs and golf shots. Colors are brighter. The Staff were very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient.

Virginia Roberts

Sun City, Arizona

I’m elated over my cataract surgery since I now have “High Digital Vision” thanks to Dr. Justo’s procedure. (“singing a soft like lullaby putting you in a very relaxed state”). The Eye Institute @ Boswell should be commended for its efficient staff and comforting atmosphere. At “81” I can now thread the eye of a needle without glasses and my dear daughter can’t with glasses at 53.

Joan Elliot

Peoria, Arizona

The encouragement from Dr. Justo and staff, all the information given was what made me feel secure with the procedure. All my questions were answered promptly and with respect.

Barry Bodewin

Peoria, Arizona

Everything went exactly how I hoped it would. Of course the best thing is, I can see clearly again. My quality of life is back!

Phillip R. Shippee

Peoria, Arizona

I Moved to Peoria Arizona in 1998. While driving on Bell road October 1998 my wife and I saw the sign for Arizona Eye Institute. We stopped and made appointments with Dr. Justo for our eyes to be checked.

We like him so much that he has been our eye doctor ever since and have had our eyes checked every year with him. I have always worn glasses from when I was a child. At my first appointment he stated I had small cataracts and he said that he could compensate for them by changing my glasses prescription. At my fall 2006 appointment, he stated my cataracts were getting bigger. I asked Dr. Justo what could be done about them. And he told me about cataract surgery. He told me about the pluses and minuses of cataract surgery. I then told him that I would like to go ahead with the surgery and it was scheduled for February of 2007.

Before the surgery my eyes were 20/50 and 20/40 with glasses. Immediately after the surgery they were 20/30 and 20/25, the next appointment in November 2007 my eyes had improved to 20/20 and 20/25 without glasses.

I would like to thank Dr. Justo for the great work he has done for my wife and me. And for the miracle surgery he performed on me that made my eyes almost perfect. I see better know without glasses than I have for 65 years.

Bonnie Aleshire

Sun City, Arizona

Before I had cataract surgery I was more than aware my eyesight was slipping. I t seemed like winter, overcast all the time. I talked with my brother in San Diego the night before my scheduled surgery, he and his wife had their cataracts removed and told me “ a piece of cake”. This is what I needed to hear. There was no pain to it. Next day’s office visit revealed 20/20 vision in one eye and a little less in the other. I needed glasses only for reading. I now need prescription glasses no more. I buy over the counter reading glasses. I count this all a “miracle” in my life. I have my eyes checked once a year to make sure all is well.

William Dart

Sun City, Arizona

I thought I would write a note to tell you and your staff how elated I am with the outcome of my cataract surgery. I have worn glasses since I was 12 years old, I’m now 75. Prior to my procedure, I couldn’t read house numbers or street signs unless I was almost on top of them. I have to compliment you on my outcome. It opened a whole new world, to be able to see things far away without glasses. I just can’t say enough! After reaching for my glasses first thing in the morning it is taking some time to break an old habit. Thanks for a new vision at the world.

Elizabeth Swither

Sun City, Arizona

Dr. Justo is a great Ophthalmologist. The cataract surgery on my eyes had excellent results and I am very pleased. Also, it has been my experience that not only is he a skilled surgeon but is a good listener, taking time to answer all my questions.

How great!

Chuck Bowling

Sun City West, Arizona

The day I visited Dr. Justo for a consultation regarding the removal of cataracts in both eyes, I had consultations scheduled with two other doctors. After meeting Dr. Justo and experiencing his warm and caring style and that of his staff I had my wife cancel the other consultations. I knew that Dr. Justo was the doctor for me. I was never one who could stand to put drops in my eyes. I was nervous about the surgery. Dr. Justo and his staff put my mind at ease and when the first surgery was over I wondered why I had been so nervous to begin with. Both surgeries are now completed and I’m seeing the golf ball better than ever. Much to my dismay my swing has not improved.

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