Please help us congratulate our Medical Director, Emilio M. Justo, MD, who presented his first TEDx talk in Denver on Saturday, August 12, 2023 at the TEDxCherryCreekHS event! The title of his talk is:

Delayed Gratification: Your Superpower to Success

The TEDx Talk video is now live!  Please see the link below to view the full video, as well as photos of the event:


Ted After Eyelid SurgeryTed Before Eyelid Surgery

Ted Music

Waddell, Arizona

My trip to Show Low was amazing, after Dr. Justo performed eyelid surgery. I don't get the eyestrain I was getting before from having to lift up my forehead to see. I look more relaxed; no one things I am tired or angry any longer. I can enjoy life's beauty again!

Bill Weaver Before and After Eyelid SurgeryBill Weaver

Tempe, Arizona

What I seek out are the best physicians, wherever they are. Every time I visit the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center, I find that the staff and the patients are all upbeat, and happy to be there.  They all love Dr. Justo, and that says a lot to me about the kind of surgeon he is, and the kind of practice this is. It did not hurt that I knew many who had seen Dr. Justo for eyelid surgery themselves, and they all look amazing and highly recommend his work. Natural results - they just look younger, brighter, happier. For me it was a longer drive than I might normally take, but it was worth it. I am very happy. Go see Dr. Justo and the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center, and it will make your day, your year.  It is just a happy, positive place with the talent for getting the very best results.

Tammy MacDonald

Queen Creek, Arizona

Tammy Before and After Eyelid SurgeryOne of the things I love about Botox, besides making me look younger, was that it would raise my eyebrows a bit, and alleviate some of the issues I had with trying to see beyond the skin hanging over my eyelashes. I had no idea that insurance would cover my eyelid surgery! It's hard to find a doctor who performs the surgery with a laser!  I was impressed at the investment that Dr. Justo has made in his surgery center, to provide the best results and care to his patients. I looked over the photos he had online of other patients and I was sure I was making the right decision. People comment all the time about how I no longer have bags under my eyes!  I love it!  I recommend Dr. Justo to everyone I see.

Penny Davis

Surprise, AZ

After eyelid surgeryBefore eyelid surgery

I'm excited to go back to Michigan with my new look. I had been having trouble seeing, and wow, has the surgery opened my eyes. I'm thrilled that Dr. Justo and his staff helped to get my insurance to cover the outpatient procedure.  Dr. Justo is a true gentleman. Everyone at the practice is informative and just wonderful. A lot of people don’t notice the gradual loss in their vision over the years, or that this surgery is far more than cosmetic. I recommend all Moms and Grandmas out there treat themselves to seeing their family in full view with eyelid surgery!

Patricia Hutchinson knew she wanted upper eyelid surgery once she learned from a friend that Founder & Medical Director of the Arizona Eye Institute, Emilio M. Justo, M.D., was known for incredible, natural results and was expert at getting the upper eyelid procedure authorized by insurance providers. 

But once she saw the dramatic improvement in her peripheral vision, and in her appearance, she came back for lower eyelid surgery as well.

“No one can ever guess my age—I dare you to try! This is all due to the amazing team at the Arizona Eye Institute and Dr. Justo, who have enabled me to stay young in appearance and truly feel good about myself. I recommend him to everyone!”

Today, Patricia continues to visit the Arizona Eye Institute on a regular basis.  She has had permanent make up by Lifetime Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional Stephanie Morlock, C.P.C.P., and injectables and fillers, and uses the Obagi medical grade skin care line, provided by Certified Aesthetic Laser Nurse Roxanne Dorty, R.N. 

Do you have droopy eyelids? Ask us for a consultation today. It could transform your life.

Pam Lewelling

Waddell, AZ

Pam after eyelid surgeryPam before eyelid surgery I first heard about Dr. Emilio M. Justo and the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center after a friend had gone for eyelid surgery. I decided to go see him myself, and I am amazed and happy with the results. For years I didn't want to draw any attention to my eyes. I wore sunglasses all the time to cover them up. All I saw when I looked in the mirror were baggy eyelids. At times I had to hold one eyelid open, to read. But since surgery, I literally feel, and look, 25 years younger! I am going to try mascara again!

Craig Scott

Peoria, AZ  Craig pic

I look back at my old, droopy eyelids with a sense of humor. I literally looked like I had been in a boxing match, my eyes were so puffy. But the results of my surgery are no joke. I don't look frumpy or grumpy or tired any more. The surgery makes you look younger, and that's what I was going for. I also see a little better now, too. I had the procedure done while I was still in the Air Force, since their insurance would authorize coverage of the upper eyelid surgery. So I just paid for the lower lid surgery - it was like 50% off! I have high regards for Dr. Justo. It was a great experience. Everything was a piece of cake with the surgery, from start to finish.

Kim Jensen

Peoria, AZ  kim J

I feel like a huge weight had been lifted from my face following my eyelid surgery. The results were immediate and profound. It was incredible! The weight of my droopy eyelids made me feel so tired all of the time - and it was gone in an instant! I had no idea how quickly I would enjoy my results! Everything seemed brighter the moment my eyelid surgery was complete. I am an energetic person and my droopy eyelids were holding me back. No more, thanks to Dr. Justo! Everyone is just so kind, from the Front Desk to the Surgery team. I did not even think about the cosmetic aspects of my surgery since I was so focused on the dramatic immediate improvement of my vision. An unexpected result was I no longer get so many headaches which I believe I got from always raising my eyebrows to see better. I recommend Dr. Justo and the Arizona Eye Institute to everyone I care about. It is life changing and I am so grateful.

Patricia Mealy

Sun City, AZ

I was driving on the freeway when I realized that I was crossing lanes. I had no peripheral vision!  I knew I had to see Dr. Justo for help. He made the actual eyelid surgery process easy. I admit, that I did not mind the improvement, looks-wise, although that was just another benefit. People comment that I look brighter, that I look younger. Nobody really notices exactly what it was I had done. I look and feel like me.

Glenda Wilson

Sun City, AZ

Glenda before and after eyelid surgeryMy surgery and the preparation for it went much better by having an ophthalmologist who does surgery, versus a plastic surgeon who tries to operate around the eyes. In Wyoming, I had to undergo a litany of tests that Dr. Justo does not need to do or charge you for since he has the skills of an eye surgeon. It's an enormous advantage for us. My eyelids were coming down to the point they were starting to impact my pupils. I was losing vision above, and to the sides, and so I had a very limited viewpoint. Thank you Dr. Justo, for helping me regain my vision and making the process so seamless.

Quin Golash

Sun City West, AZ

As soon as the surgery was complete, my husband exclaimed, 'I can see your eyes now!' I am not kidding, my eyelashes were being pushed down real low. Getting on my nerves like you wouldn't believe. I was in and out pretty quick. He's got so much experience - Dr. Justo was just fabulous and didn't take any time at all. I love eyes, and I can't wait to start wearing eyeliner and make up again.

Vicky Mullican

Sun City, AZ

I understand that if your eyelids are batting on your eyelashes, insurance usually covers upper eyelid surgery. I opted for both upper and lower eyelid surgery. The surgery went perfectly. I feel like the world has kind of opened up for me. My hand tremor has been getting worse, so this is really going to save me. I next plan to get my eyelids done with permanent make up and later my eyebrows. This is going to save me. I won't have to put on make up any more. You can tell a difference immediately after the surgery, in your vision.

Joyce Luebke

Sun City West, AZ

My eyes used to be red and inflamed because I could never get my eyes all the way open. When I found out my insurance would cover eyelid surgery with Dr. Justo, I was pleasantly surprised. I know my peripheral vision was bad, but I didn't realize how bad. I love to tell other people, who don't have it done because they are afraid of a cost, that most everyone can get it picked up by insurance these days. And I think a lot of people think that the eyelid surgery is just for your looks - but it involves far more about your independence. I actually stopped driving at night because my peripheral vision was so bad. I feel more confident now, more independent.

Marina Klingaman

Sun City, AZ

Before, doctors kept telling me no - that it was a cosmetic procedure. I believed them and didn't do anything for 10 years. Then at an appointment with Dr. Justo, I was told I was not only a perfect candidate for the surgery, but for insurance coverage through my carrier. I was missing half of what was going on in life. I was really getting uncomfortable. Now I feel more alive, I see things in a different way. I didn't do the surgery for me to look better. I want to see better. There is nothing more important than vision.


Sun City, AZ

I really appreciate that I can feel comfortable and fully educated about all of my options. During my eye exam, we discussed the option of eyelid surgery. I thought - wow, I think I will definitely do that. And the difference is, now I can actually see. I feel like my eyes are more open.  And, of course, I can tell when I put on any make up. It's a huge difference because I have some eyelid there, instead of it hanging down to my eyelashes. It helped to have an experienced surgeon like Dr. Justo perform the procedure. My friends and the people who know I was having it done, were thrilled. They can see it made a huge difference. The procedure itself was good, it was easy. I healed so quick, you couldn't even tell something was done."

Glen Navis

Sun City, AZ

Glen after eyelid surgeryGlen before eyelid surgeryI first had laser cataract surgery at the Arizona Eye Institute, and it was a life-transforming experience. With the surgery done and my vision better than ever, I began to notice that my eyelids were beginning to intrude on my vision and feel heavy, so I again consulted Dr. Justo for eyelid surgery. Dr. Justo made the process seamless and together the surgeries have me feeling better about myself than I have in a long time. Since my eyelid surgery, I am much more confident when I drive. And, I have started to eat healthier and I am looking forward to the next softball tournament!

LaVerne Mallon

Sun City West, AZ

LaVerne after eyelid surgeryLaVerne before eyelid surgeryIf you need eyelid surgery, the best place to have this done is the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center by Dr. Justo! This was a very good experience for me. Dr. Justo is great and he tells you what is going to happen which means no surprises await you. His staff is wonderful and they really do care about you. They even check on you afterwards. If you have any concerns once you are home, just call them and they will help you. I had NO pain. I had swelling but no black and blue eyes because I did what they told me to do following surgery. I never realized how bad my eyelids were until I saw the before and after pictures. Now everything is brighter and clearer. Falling eyelids make you look older, that is a fact. As time goes on, my eyes look better and better! Now people comment on how much bigger my eyes look. No more tired , sleepy eyes. Seriously, if you need eyelid surgery, do not wait to get it done. Go to the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center and have it done, you will not regret it!  My experience was great, it really was.

Marilyn Madonia

Delray Beach, FL.

Marilyn afterMarilyn beforeBefore eyelid surgery, I looked tired and sad. Today, I look alert, happy and my friends tell me I look many years younger. The procedure itself was rapid, less than an hour and totally painless. Dr. Justo and all of his staff take a personal interest in the patient's comfort and satisfaction. All my questions were answered pre and post surgery to my complete satisfaction. I recommend the Arizona Eye Institute to all my friends!

Peggy Augustine

Sun City West, Arizona

Peggy after eyelid surgeryPeggy before eyelid surgeryI’m thrilled with how much better my eyes look after surgery. I look rested instead of half asleep. Not only that, but you can actually see that I’m wearing eye shadow. The staff makes you feel special and they do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable during the procedure. If you ever decide to have any cosmetic surgery be sure go to the best, Dr. Justo and his fantastic staff.

Jan Heuertz

Sun City West, Arizona

Jan afterJan before I was surprised how the eyelid procedure opened up my eyes. I look wide-awake and now my eyes get or feel less tired, what a difference. Everyone was so helpful to make me feel comfortable… thank you, Dr. Justo!

Gertrude Nielsen

Sun City West, Arizona

Gertrude afterGertrude beforeOn my first visit to the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center, I was treated with kindness and friendliness from all the staff and Dr. Justo. The day of my procedure I was given a Valium with my permission to help me relax. A nurse held my hand throughout the procedure in which I felt absolutely no pain during or after. My peripheral vision was almost nil prior to my eyelid surgery, but now I have my vision back and I am once again told what beautiful blue eyes I have.

Carol Courter

Sun City West, Arizona

Carol afterCarol beforeI look and feel so much better! My eyes are finally open! I can wear cosmetics on my eyes again and I’m very happy with the results.


Glendale, Arizona

Besides my eyes appearing much larger and pretty, now my peripheral vision is also greatly improved, which is quite amazing. I had no idea I suffered such a loss. I also do not feel a “weight” on my eyelids, like previously. Thanks you Dr. Justo and your entire medical team. I will and have recommended you.

Edith Robiller

Buckeye, Arizona

Edith afterEdith beforeStarting with my simple eye exam to eyelid surgery then eyeliner and eyebrow permanent make-up, I had great experiences. I will and have already recommended your facility.

Linda Haaheim

Sun City West, Arizona

After eyelid surgeryBefore eyelid surgeryThe Arizona Eye Institute and Cosmetic Laser Center is now my new favorite place! I can never thank Dr. Justo enough for restoring the beauty around my eyes. Hallelujah! Those droopy eyelids are gone forever! Having the upper eyelid lift surgery will enhance my life for years to come. I already have the look of renewed energy. I can even go out without eye makeup and still feel good about my appearance. Sun City West is fortunate to have Dr. Justo and his outstanding staff in our community. I will be telling everyone I know about the many services performed with excellence and the utmost professionalism at the elegant and friendly Arizona Eye Institute and Cosmetic Laser Center.

Mary Rice

Sun City, Arizona

Mary afterMary beforeI want to let you and your staff know how pleased I am with the results of the Blepharoplasty you performed, on me, on October 31, 2007. “What a difference”, is what my family and friends are saying to me. My self-esteem and confidence are restored. No longer do I refuse to have my picture taken. I see the remarkable positive improvement in my appearance, and my husband is proud of me for having this procedure done. My vision has improved greatly. Dr. Justo and his staff treated me with respect and professionalism. All of my questions, pre and post operative, were fully explained to me. My recovery was swift, as I had been informed. I am looking forward to recommending your services to my friends.

Dr. Hector Varela D.C.

Glendale, Arizona

I just wanted to give you and your staff a heartfelt thank you. I had accepted my drooping eyelids and limited peripheral vision as just a part of getting older. I guess I just didn’t realize then, that it didn’t have to be that way. Since having the Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty procedure, I can fully appreciate my ability to see better, and certainly a better personal appearance. I have you and your great staff to thank for that. You were all just great and very caring. I am telling others about your services in hopes that they too will make the move, with your help, to see and feel better.The time finally came to have my cataracts removed. I am so happy we chose Dr. Justo. He explained everything to me ahead of time. The surgery was so easy and pain free. I do not have to wear glasses anymore. The staff of Arizona Eye Institute and Cosmetic Laser Center is excellent, professional, caring and friendly.

I also decided to have Dr. Justo perform Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty. I am amazed at the change. My peripheral vision has improved dramatically. Dr. Justo’s staff was superb. I highly recommend Dr. Justo and his staff to everyone.

Romaine Diedrich

Sun City West, Arizona

Front view before surgerySide view before surgeryFront view after surgerySide view after surgeryI am one very happy camper. I thought about doing this for years and now that I have, I wonder what took me so long. I had upper eyelid surgery, chin implant with liposuction to the neck. The change in my appearance is dramatic and I see so much better. The entire staff was very competent and cordial and Dr. Justo fantastic! If you have ever considered cosmetic surgery of any type do it and know that you will be very pleased with the results. Thank you Dr. Justo for your gift and I hope you go on for many years providing such wonderful dedication and skill.

Donna Christensen-Henry

Wickenburg, Arizona

BeforeAfterWhen I was offered the Bilateral Upperlid Blepharoplasty procedure, Dr. Justo’s staff worked with me and my insurance carrier which took all the concern and stress off of me. I am amazed at not only the beautiful results of my surgery by Dr. Justo, but the difference in my eyesight. My vision is vastly improved I should have done this years ago.

Betsylou McClelland

Sun City West, Arizona

BeforeAfterEveryone is so well organized and I was amazed at how there was no pain. All went as scheduled. I would certainly recommend anyone to come to Dr. Justo for cosmetic services.

Shirley Earlene Bloomquist

Livingston, Texas

BeforeAfterI feel I look more alive and eyes are large again. I can wear eye makeup again, which is awesome.

Anthony Melendez

Wickenburg, Arizona

Before surgeryAfter surgeryInitially, I thought the procedure would improve my vision due to my droopy eyelids, but after it was done, several people told me I looked rested and not as stressed. That is a real plus in my profession as a police officer.

Bernice Vigano

Peoria, Arizona

Before surgeryAfter surgeryDr. Justo was fantastic! The nurse Roxanne was informative. ​Staff was incredibly accommodating. Since my surgery I feel more confident and look younger.

Jan Jackson

Sun City, Arizona

Before surgeryAfter surgeryI can actually see out of my eyes again! There was no pain and all involved were amazing. Education of the procedure was key. Thank you for opening up my world again.

Rose Scaturro

Congress, Arizona

Before surgeryAfter surgeryPeople always commented on how tired I look, (everyone – pharmacists; store clerks; people at church, dance class, post office, etc.). It was a great effort to keep my eyes open, then I was told about Dr. Justo and his surgery center. I asked him to remove the excess skin above my eyes and he recommended tightening the eyelid muscle as well. The procedure was painless and I can’t believe the difference. I not only look better but can see better too!

Mary O’Brien

Surprise, Arizona

Before surgeryAfter surgeryFor years I had ​like a hood over my eyes. After the surgery, I could not believe how bright everything was.. I had not been seeing how bright and clear everything around me was. At first it hurt my eyes, it was so much more then I was seeing prior to the procedure. Dr. Justo assured me it would get better, and it has. Even though I had the procedure to get rid of the skin that was coming down to my lashes, I also got a bonus. I am now able to wear eye makeup and see it on by my eyelids.

The staff and Dr. Justo were excellent in explaining everything to me. Also his staff checked out all my Medicare and insurance benefits to make sure everything was covered, I did not have to make any calls at all and this was great.

The day of the procedure when we got to the clinic, the staff was great. There was someone with me at all times, explaining everything.

During the procedure, Dr. Justo explained exactly what he was going to do and he also sang a song during the procedure. Plus during the procedure a wonderful nurse was holding my hand. This was great.

There was no pain, and it was absolutely stress free.

Jennifer S.

Surprise, Arizona

BeforeAfterI had wanted to have eyelid surgery done for so long. Once I did, I was so happy. I could actually wear eye shadow! The entire staff was so wonderful and comforting during the whole procedure.

Cecilia W.

Sun City, Arizona

The experience was much easier than I anticipated. My life since the surgery is better – no more headaches and better vision! I just can’t say enough good things.

Mary Quarrels

Sun City, Arizona

The years just kind of crept up on me. The eyes sagging, one more than the other. The chin had doubled hanging as if my neck was disappearing. I did not like what I saw in the mirror. I had an appointment at Arizona Eye Institute and Cosmetic Laser Center and spoke with Dr. Justo about options for me. I liked the before and after photos of patients who had surgery at your facility. While talking to your staff they suggested to have the eyelid and facial procedure done at the same time. On November 28th, 2007 I had the facelift and eyelid surgery. I am glad that I had the opportunity to have you as my surgeon. I like your manner and patience to listen, which is important to me.

J. W.

Kingston, Washington

I am very pleased with how the surgery turned out. I look so much better and less tired is a better way to say it. I would recommend this surgery at this facility for anybody who is considering this.


Surprise, Arizona

I am so thankful that I had the Upper and Lower lid Blepharoplasty procedures done. Within one day my peripheral vision had improved 100%. I could not believe what I had not been able to see, due to sagging skin from my eyelids blocking my vision. I am pleased with the results of the procedures and would not hesitate to do it again. There was no discomfort and it healed fast. I am very pleased with the end result. Dr. Justo is a true professional, very caring, gentle, and compassionate. Each and every staff member that I encountered at your facility was very knowledgeable and kind. It will be my pleasure to recommend Dr. Justo and your facility to anyone.

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