Please help us congratulate our Medical Director, Emilio M. Justo, MD, who presented his first TEDx talk in Denver on Saturday, August 12, 2023 at the TEDxCherryCreekHS event! The title of his talk is:

Delayed Gratification: Your Superpower to Success

The TEDx Talk video is now live!  Please see the link below to view the full video, as well as photos of the event:


Tim Emerson 

Sun City West, AZ

Tim beforeTim afterI am so pleased with my results! The staff, including Dr. Justo, made this experience pleasant. Thank you all so much!

Sheryl Ryan

Surprise, AZ

Sheryl beforeSheryl afterI am so pleased with having my eyebrows and eyeliner tatooed. Wake up and don't have to worry about my eyes. They look FANTASTIC! Stephanie was wonderful. She made me feel very comfortable and made my experience as pleasant as could be. Will definatly return for a future touch up! Thank you Stephanie!

Dianne Onstott

Surprise, AZ

Dianne beforeDianne afterIn a word- "AMAZING!" From the time I walked in the door, until my 6 week post-op appointment, I received only the best of care. Dr. Justo is the best and his ENTIRE staff is heads above other offices I am associated with. Caring, Professional, Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Kind are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Dr. Justo and his staff.

Any procedure I have ever had here at the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center has always been done with results way above my expectations! I will never go anywhere else for my skin, eyes, and cosmetic needs.

Thanks to Dr. Emilio M. Justo and Staff!

Peggy Augustine

Sun City West, Arizona

Through the years, I have spent a fortune on skin products that promised great looking skin to no avail. I made a commitment to use the Obagi products and will continue to do so for life. My skin has never looked so good; no more large pores or ugly brown spots. My skin feels amazingly soft and looks healthy. The staff is friendly and takes the time to assist you in any way they can. They are the BEST!

I was nervous about having the permanent make-up done but after seeing some of Stephanie’s work I knew I was in good hands. It’s so nice not to have to draw on eyebrows, especially since I’m not the great artist that Stephanie is. The eyeliner and eyebrows are extremely natural looking, which is what I requested. Stephanie talks you through the procedure as she is working and does everything she can to make sure you are comfortable.

Judy Bowers

Sun City West, Arizona

Judy before Judy after Less than one week ago Dr. Justo and his wonderful staff completed a procedure called a fractional laser or Active FX on my entire face and throat. This was a new procedure done by Dr. Justo and I happened to be the first patient of his that it was done on. I wanted this procedure done because I simply didn’t like the way my 65 year old skin looked, even after a lifetime of skin care, and wanted to eliminate freckles I’ve had all my life as well as soften deep lines that made me feel less than my best.

The actual procedure took a very short time to complete and the care, concern and professionalism that infused the entire process was the best I’ve ever received. Because I had very little sun damage, my skin was completely healed within 6 days, but I understood that had I had a lot of sun or other damage, the healing process could take a few days longer. People who know me and did not know I was having any work done have all told me how wonderful I look and how much younger, rested and glowing I appeared to be. I never wanted to take 30 years or more off my face, only look the best I could for my age. The benefits of this procedure were amazing and will last the rest of my life, not only due to the procedure but to the pre and post operative skincare Dr. Justo’s office supplied me.

I look so completely natural and healthy and I will never have to wear makeup again as long as I take proper care of my skin. One of the best things is the way the man in my life now claims to have robbed the cradle. I highly recommend this procedure as well as Dr. Justo for anyone wanting to look as good as they can without undergoing surgery. It’s wonderful to look in the mirror in the morning and see a bright, clear and almost wrinkle free face looking back at you.

Patricia Henry

Glendale, Arizona

Patricia before Patricia afterI recently had the opportunity to try a new filler product by the name of Elevess. I have been very pleased with the results. I have noticed, as I get older I was getting many more wrinkles on the upper lip area as well as noticeable thinning of both my lips, but my upper lip was the most noticeable. I didn’t feel that I could wear lip-gloss or lip stick because all it seemed to do was run into the wrinkles around my lips. Since the procedure I am able to wear lip-gloss and lip stick again and the lines around my lips are much less noticeable. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend this procedure to any others with similar lip and mouth wrinkles as I had.

Thank you Dr. Justo for performing the procedure. I appreciated it very much.

Ruby Hoke

Sun City West, Arizona

Ruby before Ruby after You and your staff have been taking care of all my facial needs for the past seven years. I have nothing but sincere praise and appreciation to you and your friendly staff for the unconditional care that you have given me over the years. I would strongly recommend your office and staff to anyone who would be seeking any type of facial treatments. Because of the wonderful knowledge and skill of your staff I have renewed my self-image through the results of the treatments you have provided me.

Edith Robiller

Buckeye, Arizona

Edith beforeEdith after Staring with my simple eye exam to eyelid surgery then eyeliner and eyebrow permanent make-up, I had great experiences. I will and have already recommended your facility.

Michalina Ferrel

Surprise, Arizona

Before After It seemed crazy to my friends that I would at the young age of 81, decide to have my wrinkles removed. I certainly do not regret it. Now when I look in the mirror, I no longer see a wrinkled prune face.

I am deliriously happy that my wrinkles have completely disappeared. The laser procedure I had performed seems to have improved my health and energy level – - because I am young again.

Thank you, thank you, Dr. Justo for devoting your life to help people with your chosen profession. And many, many thanks also to your very professional and courteous staff. You indeed are a great team!

Cornelia Prestwood

Surprise, Arizona

Cornelia before Cornelia afterMy liposuction surgery with Dr. Justo went very well. The office staff was very professional and helpful during the entire process and after the procedure. They called me at home the next day to see if I needed anything and how I was doing. My results were better than I had expected and I have continued to exercise and have lost more weight and now fit into a size 4-6 (from a size 16!)

I feel better about my image and will continue to stay slim. I may use his services again in the future for other cosmetic procedures. I would highly recommend Dr. Justo and thank him for an excellent result for me.

Romaine Diedrich

Sun City West, Arizona

Before Before After After

I am one very happy camper. I thought about doing this for years and now that I have, I wonder what took me so long. I had upper eyelid surgery, chin implant with liposuction to the neck. The change in my appearance is dramatic and I see so much better. The entire staff was very competent and cordial and Dr. Justo fantastic! If you have ever considered cosmetic surgery of any type do it and know that you will be very pleased with the results. Thank you Dr. Justo for your gift and I hope you go on for many years providing such wonderful dedication and skill.

Elizabeth Ohman

Phoenix, Arizona

Elizabeth before Elizabeth after

I was nervous about having the permanent makeup because I would have to live with the results, long term. Now that I have the eyeliner and eyebrows finished, I am so pleased I chose Stephanie to do the work. She had an artist’s eye for the natural and refined look that I wanted. She not only listened to what I wanted, she had the skill to achieve it.

Kathy K.

Surprise, Arizona

Kathy before Kathy after

I was very nervous to have my permanent makeup done because of all the horror stories you hear from friends and family. But Stephanie was so professional and so in tune with how her clients are feeling that after a few minutes she had my complete trust. She made sure that I was comfortable at all times and made sure I knew what has happening through every step of the process. I would recommend her to everyone, not only for the wonderful job she did, but also for her top-notch work ethics. She earned my trust!

Pam Hopkins

Glendale, Arizona

Pam before Pam after

Prior to using Obagi, my face was sun damaged with freckles all over. Most of it as a result of my years in the sun. I tried various skin care products but none really did much for me. This resulted in me constantly buying various brands/products in an attempt to get my desired outcome. Those days are over. After using Obagi, my skin looks so much healthier and it feels much softer. I have received so many compliments on how healthy my skin looks. I’m a user of Obagi for life.

Cindy R.

Surprise, Arizona

Cindy before Cindy after

After years of shaving and plucking hair on my lip and chin I finally decided to have laser hair removal. I found the process very affordable and the discomfort from the laser only lasted 5 minutes during each procedure. After 4 visits I am totally hair-free and feel so much better about myself.

Bonnie O.

Surprise, Arizona


I just need to tell what an extraordinary clinic the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center is and what a great staff Dr. Justo has. I have been on the Obagi NuDerm ever since Dr. Justo had performed my Full Face Laser Skin Resurfacing several years ago and it has kept my skin looking amazing.

Sherry is Dr. Justo’s skin care specialist and has guided me for the past several years with her expertise in the NuDerm System. She makes you feel so welcomed and I now consider her part of my family.

I highly recommend Dr. Justo and his staff for ANY cosmetic procedures.

Dawn V.

Surprise, Arizona

Dawn Dawn

I had Restylane injected into my lips, by Dr. Justo, to add a little fullness. There was no downtime and it was very natural looking.

Roxanne S.

Peoria, Arizona

Roxanne before Roxanne after

I was nervous about having the permanent makeup because I would have to live with the results, long term. Now that I have the eyeliner and eyebrows finished, I am so pleased I chose Stephanie to do the work. She had an artist’s eye for the natural and refined look that I wanted. She not only listened to what I wanted, she had the skill to achieve it.

Sherry C.

Glendale, Arizona

Sherry before Sherry after

I have been having tissue fillers injected for the past 4 years by Dr. Justo and let me tell you just how great they are. I can have my injection done and right after head to the gym without anyone noticing I had anything done.

It makes such a big difference with such a subtle change.


Morristown, Arizona

R.B. before R.B. after

I requested Dr. Justo’s assistance with my “smile lines”. Dr. Justo suggested one of the available tissue fillers. I had Juvederm injected into my smile lines and immediately noticed a younger appearance. The procedure had minimal discomfort resulting in outstanding results.

Melissa R.

Desert Hills, Arizona

Melissa before Melissa after

Having fuller plumper lips is something I wanted for years. While in the office for other procedures, the staff at Arizona Eye Institute had informed me Dr. Justo performed Lip Augmentation. There were several options available to achieve the results I wanted. I had Restylane injected into my upper and lower lips. What a difference! After the initial swelling and minimal bruising subsided, the results were amazing. The procedure took about 10-15 minutes and the results lasted about 4 months. It is something I still continue to do.

Kathy G.

Peoria, Arizona

Admittedly I love to smile and laugh and most certainly am not fond of the vertical “smile lines” at the sides of my mouth. With the use of Restylane, over a few treatment visits, Dr. Justo has been able to make these lines barely noticeable. The minimal discomfort is well worth the outcome and there is always a technician right by my side if I need a hand to squeeze or someone to smile at me. I haven’t really paid attention to how many months I can go between sessions but the environment and staff are so pleasant that I know I will continue the injections whenever I deem necessary to minimize the wrinkles I’ve accrued with maturity.

Melissa R.

Desert Hills, Arizona

Melissa before Melissa after

I had waxed and tweezed my eyebrows and upper lip since my teenage years. Laser Hair Removal was something I had always been interested in. I finally found a practice I felt confident with and had the procedure done. It took several treatments to reduce the hair growth on my eyebrows, upper lip and forehead, but the results are amazing! I no longer wax, and have touch up treatments once or twice a year. I am so happy I had it done and would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone even if they aren’t bothered with waxing and tweezing.

Peggy Tipton

Sun City, Arizona

I have had several procedures performed at Arizona Eye Institute and Cosmetic Laser Center. These procedures have included Facelift, Liposuction, Permanent Make-up, Laser Hair Removal, and Sclerotherapy for spider vein removal and Restylane. I am very happy with the results and feel every procedure was successful and accomplished or exceeded my expectations. The entire staff is very friendly and professional, and has always been there to answer my questions and give me assistance. Dr. Justo and his staff have always given me an accurate prediction of expected outcome. What I appreciate the most is the complete honesty of everyone. I highly recommend Dr. Justo to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery.

Alison Regan

Surprise, Arizona

Having just completed my final touchup after having Permanent Eyeliner and Eyebrows done by your expert Stephanie I have to let you know how thrilled I am to roll out of bed in the morning looking and feeling great!! Stephanie was wonderful to work with – she was a kind and caring professional who was able to advise me on what would work best for my color of hair and skin. Stephanie, knowing how nervous I felt, made sure I was relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire procedure. A great big THANK YOU to Stephanie for making the whole experience a pleasant one.

Deneta Pedreira

Buckeye, Arizona

I am thrilled my neck is so smooth and my stomach is flat. I am now happy to look in the mirror. Thank you Dr. Justo for your smile it always made me feel relaxed and that you cared.

Gena Bigornia

Surprise, Arizona

Stephanie did my permanent make-up eyebrows and eyeliner. What a great job! I love waking up in the morning and seeing my eyes. Stephanie got the eyebrow color perfect. I was worried about this because I had a hard time finding the right pencil color. The brows look absolutely natural! People are amazed when they find that I had them “done”. Thank you Stephanie!

Vy Wappel

Surprise, Arizona

I am a 60-year-old grandmother who appears to be 40 years young by my friends, family and acquaintances. My 8 years of treatment with Dr. Justo and his staff has been professional giving personal attention and detail to my skin giving me the youthful and ageless appearance. My treatment has been Botox and Restylane, which have made my skin rejuvenated and alive. I would like to recommend anyone, male or female, to take the time and make your appointment to start your journey with Dr. Justo for a new you.

Peggy Harvey

Flagstaff, Arizona

It has been my privilege to have Dr. Justo as my surgeon on three separate occasions- two-cataract surgeries and an eyebrow lift. In all cases the staff was wonderful, comforting and reassuring. Dr. Justo is a wonderful doctor and he makes sure that you are comfortable at all times during the procedure. All of these surgeries were pain free.

If you are considering any of the procedures that Dr. Justo offers you would be wise and extremely fortunate to be able to have Dr. Justo’s expertise.

Mary Quarrels

Sun City, Arizona

The years just kind of crept up on me. The eyes sagging, one more than the other. The chin had doubled hanging as if my neck was disappearing. I did not like what I saw in the mirror. I had an appointment at Arizona Eye Institute and Cosmetic Laser Center and spoke with Dr. Justo about options for me. I liked the before and after photos of patients who had surgery at your facility. While talking to your staff they suggested to have the eyelid and facial procedure done at the same time. On November 28th, 2007 I had the facelift and eyelid surgery. I am glad that I had the opportunity to have you as my surgeon. I like your manner and patience to listen, which is important to me.

Holly Johnson

Buckeye, Arizona

I was referred to Arizona Eye Institute and Cosmetic Laser Center three years ago for Laser Hair Removal. My technician Sherry did a superb job and made sure I was more than satisfied with my services. I also consulted with Sherry on a skin care program that would fit my needs. I had some sun damage and fine lines. She recommended the Obagi program and micro-dermabrasion. In the three years since I started this program I have been so pleased with the change in my skin and have received more compliments than I can count. I live 45 minutes away and could probably find a facility closer to my home but I can’t imagine that I could ever find the service or professionalism that I have found with Sherry and the Arizona Eye Institute and Cosmetic Laser Center.

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