The Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center is Open

We are still open at our regular office hours at each of our three locations. Our Medical Director & Founder, Emilio M. Justo, M.D., is seeing surgical consultations. Dr. Mark Yates and Dr. Manuel Zambrano will continue to see our postoperative patients as well as any urgent and emergency patients, along with medically necessary eye exams throughout this time.

Telemedicine Appointments Available
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As always during the cold and flu season that we are now in, we ask that you reschedule any appointment if you feel ill, have experienced a fever within the last 24 hours or are concerned that you may have been exposed to someone with these symptoms. We will be asking screening questions as patients arrive.

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Dr. Emilio M. Justo, the founder and medical director of the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center, welcomes patients to our website, a comprehensive vision care information resource. Visitors to our site can learn about the practice and its services, and view many videos. They can also read and submit reviews, sign up for a newsletter, and much more.

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Hello, my name is Dr. Emilio Justo, the Founder and Medical Director of the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center. Thank you so very much for visiting our website. You can learn a tremendous amount about many aspects of our practice at Once on the homepage, you can select at the top of the horizontal navigation bar the About Us section to learn about each of our physicians, allied health providers, and each individual staff member. Within the Your Consultation tab you can find a secure payment page to submit online payments, and you will find a direct link to Care Credit with whom we partner to provide third party payment financing options for out of pocket expenses. The Online Registration tab at the top is a wonderful tab in which we encourage each of our new patients to fill out online all of their demographic information and medical history which is submitted securely through the Internet directly into our electronic medical records. By using this option, this helps save tremendous time later for both the patient and staff so as to thoroughly and efficiently have all of your relevant information in our system. In the second row of navigation you can review all types of surgeries for both ophthalmology and cosmetics as well as nonsurgical aesthetic procedures offered within our practice. You can sign up for our electronic newsletter in seconds by clicking on the word, newsletter, and then filling out your key contact information. By receiving the newsletter in your email inbox, you will be kept abreast of any and all new changes within the practice as well as any time limited promotions. The Video tab is popular and worth spending some time on as there are numerous videos in our Video Gallery, both presenting the history of our practice, our philosophy in patient care, discussions about medical conditions and surgeries as well as true patient video testimonials disclosing each of their experiences within our practice. On the right side vertical navigation column, you can access our latest blog posting as well as search through our entire past history of blogs. Just below this, you can click on the Alternating Surgical Before and After Photos to access our extensive Photo Gallery which is subdivided into numerous categories and shows many before and after photos of patients who have undergone a variety of surgical or nonsurgical procedures. Just below the Photo Gallery you can click on the Testimonials section which will then bring you to a page where you can select one of four categories of testimonials: eyelid surgery, cataract surgery, facial procedures, or liposuction. Once you select a category, you will then see the patient's photo next to the actual written testimonial about the patient's own experience within our practice. If you scroll down to almost the bottom of the page just above the To Do List, you will see what we call the Social Stripe which you can scroll horizontally across to see over 40 different review sites. We would like to encourage each of our happy patients to post a positive review on one of these sites to share their wonderful experience with others who are considering seeing us for the first time in the future. Finally, if you would like to communicate with us to either request information regarding a service or to request an appointment, you can either click on the Contact Us tab at the very top right of the page, or you can scroll down to the very bottom of the page and fill out your request on the To Do List. We welcome you as well as any of your kind referrals of family or friends for any of our services in order to demonstrate personally what I believe to be our exceptional, first class service and commitment. Thank you so very much for your attention.
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