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Now Offering Revolutionary Option to Improve Cataract Surgery Results

Elysia Labita Jan 7, 2013

Emilio M. Justo, M.D., Medical Director of the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center in Phoenix's West Valley, is now offering OptiPlus™, a new intraoperative test option that provides real-time measurements of the patient’s eye during cataract surgery. Prior to OptiPlus, ophthalmologists were unable to assess the quality of vision during a cataract procedure, and would often have to wait weeks or even months after the surgery to determine the accuracy of the procedure and the patient’s visual results. 

“This state-of-the art laser-assisted system for refining the predicted visual outcome of cataract surgery patients during the actual procedure is absolutely revolutionary, and I am proud to be one of only two practices in the entire state of Arizona to offer this breakthrough technology” comments Emilio M. Justo, M.D., founder and medical director of the Institute.
Using this revolutionary measurement option, eye surgeons can now evaluate the optical conditions in the eye throughout the cataract procedure and make decisions at the precise moment that can best affect visual outcomes. The OptiPlus measurement occurs when and where it matters most – during the cataract procedure – not in the office or after the procedure. OptiPlus can guide surgeons to determine the most accurate intraocular lens implant prescription and astigmatism correction. 
About Cataracts:
A cataract is a painless clouding of the eye's natural crystalline lens. Cataract surgery involves removing the clouded natural lens of the eye (the cataract) and replacing it with an artificial lens implant. It is the most common surgical procedure in the world with 14 million procedures performed each year.1 
As a cataract progresses, the possibility of cataract eye surgery should be strongly considered, as a cataract, if left untreated, could lead to blindness. In fact, cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in people over the age of 55. However, with the advances in cataract eye surgery, patients no longer have to wait until a cataract "ripens" to a certain point before it can be removed. Cloudy vision can now be corrected at an earlier stage without repercussions. Modern cataract eye surgery has a high success rate well over 99%. After the removal of a cataract, patients tend to have a decreased dependence on corrective eyewear and are able once again to see colors vividly.
How OptiPlus Works:
OptiPlus™ works by using an instrument that directs a beam of low intensity laser light into the eye during the surgical procedure. The laser light reflects off of the patient’s retina, and sensors in the instrument analyze the reflected wave of light exiting the eye. This real-time analysis measures all of the eye’s unique optical characteristics, and gives the surgeon an accurate measurement of the eye’s focusing capabilities. OptiPlus is the first ever testing option that uses the ORA System™ intraoperative wavefront aberrometer, made by WaveTec® Vision of Aliso Viejo, CA. WaveTec is the leader in intraoperative wavefront measurement technology for refractive cataract surgeons, providing on-demand information that enables achievement of the best possible vision for their patients.
If you would like to know more about how you can add a “Plus” to your cataract procedure to get optimized vision, schedule a consultation and ask Dr. Emilio Justo for further details to learn how OptiPlus  can help ensure the best results possible.

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