Skin: Starting Over With the Blue Peel Miracle

Emilio Justo Aug 12, 2014

Ever wish you could just start over with your skin?

That a fresh layer of skin would just grow over your aging skin, skin that had seen maybe a few too many days in the sun?

Believe it or not, you can.

Here at the Arizona Eye Institute, we call that our Blue Peel miracle. It's one of the Obagi line of products we carry, that allows us to provide our clients medical-grade skincare for anything from anti-aging to anti-acne.

When gravity pulls everything south, skin begins to show its wear and tear. The tell-tale signs are wrinkles and sun damage.

It's a process that begins at the tender age of 25 in women, and at the age of 30 in men.

Obagi's Blue Peel is the strongest and most effective TCA chemical peel on the market. It is recommended every year for added skin rejuvenation. Patients with extreme skin conditions may need a peel more often.

The chemical is made primarily of an acid (known as tri-chloro acetic acid) that absorbs and separates the top layers of skin. Over about a week period, your old top layer of skin literally dries up, and peels off, to reveal brand new skin.

The combination of all of our Obagi Nu-Derm products stimulate the body to produce collagen again, meaning your skin naturally produces younger and tighter skin where the products are applied. 

Have I caught your attention? All we need to do to get started on revisiting the newer, younger you, is schedule a complementary skin evaluation. I will help you to identify your individual needs and begin a system perfect for both your skin and your lifestyle.

Several of our employees enjoy the Obagi line themselves, which means during your visit you can see what kind of skin you could have with the right tender care.

Want to leave people guessing about your age, and to restore the skin and appearance you once had? Stop by and I would love to help.

- Roxanne Seale, R.N.

   Certified Aesthetic Laser Nurse

   Cosmetic Consultant

   Director of Nursing

   Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center




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