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Emilio Justo Jan 25, 2017

Let Us Help at the Dry Eye Center of Excellence


Did you know that symptoms of dry eyes are one of the most common reasons people seek out their eye doctor, yet dry eye disease is one of the most under-diagnosed ailments?

Dry eye is a serious condition that is as debilitating to your vision as it is uncomfortable. If you are experiencing red, irritated, runny eyes, you may have dry eye disease.

Fortunately, your insurance covers dry eye testing as part of your eye exam. Dr. Eugene Shifrin, our Director of Optometry, can help you at our Dry Eye Center of Excellence. We're proud to offer unique expertise and state-of-the-art technology that give us a numeric and detailed diagnosis to narrow down to your exact cause and the appropriate treatment plan.

There are some important things to know about dry eye:

Inadequate tear production: Age, medication and medical conditions can cause tear production to diminish. The glands in and around your eyelids can also be impacted by wind and dry climates that cause tears to literally evaporate and diminish their lubrication of the eye. A decrease in tear production can bring on dry eye symptoms.

Poor tear quality: Our tear film consists of three layers: an oil (lipid) layer, a water (aqueous) layer and a mucin layer. All three layers have to work together in fine balance to help maintain the health of our eyes and protect us from potential infection. When this balance is altered, the tears could evaporate too quickly and cause many of  Dry Eye symptoms.

The most common cause of dry eye is an inadequate water layer, a condition called keratoconjuctivitis sicca, also known as Dry Eye Syndrome.


Dry Eye Diagnosis

Dr. Shifrin and staff use technology to test for specific quantitative numbers to ensure he prescribes the correct treatment. While our doctors may be able to diagnose dry eye through a routine eye exam, many insurance companies will authorize use of our state-of-the-art technology that can confirm and clarify your diagnosis. We obtain the most precise diagnosis using our TearLab® osmolarity test. With this tool, we will collect a small tear sample, and test it for quality and salt content. This unique system can help us determine the best treatment for your individual needs.

Want to learn more about Dry Eye?  Click here for more information and several educational videos.

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