Please help us congratulate our Medical Director, Emilio M. Justo, MD, who presented his first TEDx talk in Denver on Saturday, August 12, 2023 at the TEDxCherryCreekHS event! The title of his talk is:

Delayed Gratification: Your Superpower to Success

Please see the link below showing photos of the event. We will be announcing and providing a link to the talk video once TED uploads the video into its TED YouTube channel, which typically takes a few months.

Link to Photos:

Insurance Covered Eyelid Surgery! By Beth Lucas on August 27, 2020

Did You Know Your Insurance Could Cover Upper Eyelid Surgery?


Eyelid Surgery May Be A Benefit You Already Pay!

Your medical insurance provides for many things that are life necessities. You use it to help you stay healthy and live a comfortable life.

It's a vital safety net for medical emergencies.

And in many cases, health insurance can be applied toward a popular procedure called upper blepharoplasty, commonly referred to as upper eyelid surgery.

There is a good reason for that. When your upper eyelids become droopy, they begin to impact your peripheral vision. That is a serious life and safety concern.

Many see eyelid surgery as purely cosmetic. While, yes, you regain a youthful and vibrant look when you recover the original, natural contour of your eyelid - you also gain much more valuable things: Your precious vision, and with it ability to take on tasks that you may not even realize droopy eyelids are impairing.

I have spoken to many patients who get headaches from dealing with the need to hold up their eyelids, often using their brow, or even at times their hands. In the morning, or when it is especially hot, eyelids may even stick together. Some patients stop driving because they cannot do so safely any longer. Others grow tired simply reading a book or watching TV, since droopy eyelids make you work hard to do something most of us take for granted - see clearly.

The change is often so gradual that you don't realize you are doing it until you learn about how easy it is to fix droopy lids. The procedure itself is a 20-minute outpatient surgery using a CO2 laser to safely remove excess skin. Healing is quick, and lost vision immediately returns.

My patients - both men and women - love the look of their results, but what is most important to them, and to me as their surgeon and physician, is the quality of life that they regain.

I encourage you look into eyelid surgery and how it will transform your life. You may already be paying for it through your medical benefits. And if you have employees, let them know if your benefit plans will cover it, as it could be an enormous benefit they love!

-Emilio M. Justo, M.D., Founder & Medical Director




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