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Lower Eyelid Surgery

Do your lower eyelids appear baggy or puffy? Do you look tired all of the time, or even swollen? Or, do you have loose, wrinkled skin below your eye? Lower eyelid bagginess can cause a lot of stress that can impact your life in a big way.  Baggy lower eyelids can influence how you feel, both physically and mentally, and how others see you.

Fortunately, there is a relatively simple outpatient procedure that can eliminate lower eyelid bags and improve texture of your eyelid skin, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance that will improve your comfort and quality of life.   

You don't have to live with bags under your eyes any longer when you undergo lower eyelid surgery (aka lower lid blepharoplasty) at our Phoenix area practice.  Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center's Founder & Medical Director, Emilio M. Justo, M.D., was one of the first surgeons in Arizona to perform the lower eyelid surgery using the state-of-the-art Ultra Pulse Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser for better results and improved healing. Dr. Justo performs the procedure in his Medicare-certified and Arizona state-accredited outpatient Surgical Center located conveniently in our Sun City West medical office building.

Much like upper eyelid surgery, Dr. Justo will sit down with you for a detailed consultation to determine whether you are a candidate, and to customize your surgical plan for your individual needs, to ensure the most desired and natural results. Dr. Justo will ensure that your every question is answered during your consultation.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Outpatient Lower Eyelid Surgery removes excess bagginess under your eyes for comfort, quality of life and improved appearance. This patient had upper and lower eyelid surgery.

Trans-Conjunctival (Internal) Incision Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

For Dr. Emilio Justo, approximately nine out of ten of his lower eyelid blepharoplasty procedures are performed using this trans-conjunctival or internal technique. With the patient having IV sedation such that he/she is under a deep twilight anesthesia, Dr. Justo uses the Ultrapulse CO2 Laser to make a small incision on the inside of the lower eyelid thru the conjunctiva, which is a mucous membrane tissue. Dr. Justo then teases out and removes the protruding fat pockets causing the external puffy appearance. This internal incision does not require any sutures as it heals very quickly in a matter of days. In general this technique results in minimal bruising and swelling. In the vast majority of such cases using the internal incision, Dr. Justo will at the same time use the Ultrapulse CO2 Laser to perform a “laser peel” or laser resurfacing technique over the skin surrounding the eyes (peri-ocular) to help provide gentle tightening of the skin and to texturize any fine lines or wrinkles. The patient is discharged home the same day after this 30-minute procedure.

Sub-Ciliary (External) Incision Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

In a much smaller percentage of his lower eyelid blepharoplasties, Dr. Justo will use an external incision beneath the lash line extending from the inner corner of the eyelid and ending just beyond the outer corner of the eyelid. Using this technique, Dr. Justo will excise and remove a thin strip of skin from the lower eyelids for those patients in whom he feels that the internal incision technique in combination with the laser peel may not be sufficient to create the desired appearance. However, with the external incision technique the procedure takes at least twice as long and the patient is subject to more bruising and swelling compared to the internal incision technique. Also, Dr. Justo does not perform a laser peel of the “peri-ocular” skin at the same time the external incision is performed so as to avoid creating skin which is too tight and not natural looking. This external incision technique is very beneficial for those patients who clearly demonstrate a significant amount of baggy or loose skin in his/her lower eyelids.

Benefits of Lower Eyelid Surgery

  • Diminish or eliminate baggy fat pockets underneath the eye resulting in a more youthful and "less tired" appearance.
  • Reduce any excess skin or tissue that is creating baggy lids or skin.
  • Can smoothen and texturize fine lines and wrinkles both beneath the eyes and around the “crow’s feet” area.

Upper and Lower Eyelids

While you may only have lower eyelids that are troubling you, it is not uncommon for the upper eyelids to be impacted by droopy skin or excess tissue at the same time. During your consultation, Dr. Justo will review both upper and lower eyelids.  If you are a candidate for blepharoplasty on both your upper and lower eyelids, Dr. Justo will review with you the option of having both procedures completed during a single surgery.  It is recommended that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Justo to confirm your candidacy for upper and/or lower eyelid surgery, as well as review corrective options that fit your needs.

Upper Eyelid Surgery and Insurance

If Dr. Justo diagnoses your upper eyelids as requiring blepharoplasty, then he and his staff will work closely with your insurance provider to seek authorization of the upper eyelid surgery to be covered through your benefits plan, if applicable. Upper eyelid surgery is often authorized by insurance providers as medically necessary due to the impact of droopy eyelids restricting your peripheral vision as well as leading to eye fatigue and brow strain.

Global Fee

Because we operate our fully accredited surgery center right here on site, you can always count on the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center to quote you one global fee for any cosmetic procedure not covered by insurance, with no surprises or additional fees. Any cosmetic procedures provided by Dr. Justo have one single global fee which includes the professional surgery fee, the facility fee (operating room, nurses, surgical supplies) and the anesthesia fee all bundled together so as to minimize any confusion for the patient.

Learn More

Want to see a lower eyelid surgery to learn more?  Click here or on the brief video below. Click here for additional Before and After images.  Contact us here for a consultation.

Watch a Lower Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Emilio M. Justo performs a lower eyelid surgery to eliminate baggy eyes that make the patient feel and look older and tired. Watch as Dr. Justo explains each step of the procedure. This video contains actual surgery on a patient.
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