Vision Care (Optometry to Optical)

A cataract is a cloudy lens that impairs vision. Typically, they form slowly over time can lead to severe vision degradation. Dr. Emilio Justo offers the most modern cataract removal technique available. It requires no needles, stitches, or patches. This improves results and recovery.

Dr. Justo can treat drooping lids with a blepharoplasty or muscle-tightening procedure. The muscle-tightening technique involves the placement of sutures to lift the eyelid and reduce droopiness. Blepharoplasty, by comparison, involves the removal of excess skin and fat that hang over the eyes.

Our founder and medical director, Dr. Justo, offers advanced diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma to protect your eyesight. If glaucoma is diagnosed, eye drops and laser therapy may be effective. We can also refer you to a local surgeon for more aggressive treatment.

Conditions of the retina can negatively affect your vision, and some retinal diseases can even cause blindness. Director of Optometry, Eugene Shifrin, O.D., oversees exams and treatments of conditions ranging from Glaucoma to Diabetic Eye. It is important to be examined by an experienced professional if you begin to experience vision loss. We offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for conditions of the retina.

Our Director of Optometry, Dr. Eugene Shifrin, oversees our Dry Eye Center of Excellence. Shifrin, O.D., uses the innovative TearLab® osmolarity test to diagnose the precise cause of dry eye syndrome so that he can recommend the optimal treatment for you. Treatment options include eye drops, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, and tear duct plugs.

Our Just for Eyes Optical Boutique features a comprehensive selection of lenses, frames, and computer eyewear. We can fit your new prescription lenses into any type of frames from your favorite brands for the look that you desire. We also offer a wide variety of protective sunglasses.

Our office has many different types of lasers that allow us to perform corrective surgeries with great precision. Through the use of this technology, our doctors can create highly detailed 3-D maps that will guide us through your surgery. Rest assured, your satisfaction is our priority.

Refractive lens exchange (RLE) is an elective vision correction surgery that removes the eye's natural lens and replaces it with an artificial lens. By preemptively treating cataracts, we can prevent the condition from developing and ensure positive results.

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