Restore Your Vision and Appearance with Advanced Eyelid Surgery

The delicate skin of the eyelids and eyebrows is particularly susceptible to gravity and loss of elasticity, which can lead to drooping eyelids. With eyelid surgery, offered in the Phoenix area at the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center, we remove sagging skin and fat deposits to reshape the eyelids. Dr. Emilio Justo can call upon his expertise to help you appear youthful and healthy. To find out if eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is right for you, contact our practice today to schedule a consultation.

Eyelid Surgery Techniques

Dr. Emilio M. Justo of the Arizona Eye Institute in Phoenix, AZ, explains the benefits of laser blepharoplasty, or laser eyelid surgery. He discusses why the procedure is performed, what patients can expect during surgery, and how their lives will benefit in different ways, from upper and lower eyelid procedures. Many patients don’t realize that the upper eyelid procedure is often covered by insurance. Laser therapy offers several advantages over traditional blepharoplasty.

Laser Eyelid Surgery

We are proud to offer laser eyelid surgery, an advancement on traditional eyelid surgery. This state-of-the-art procedure involves the use of a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser to remove excess skin and fatty tissue.

After making small incisions (sometimes on the inside of the eyelid, other times within the natural crease to camouflage them), the UltraPulse Encore laser instantly and precisely ablates tissue around the upper and lower eyelids. The laser beam tightens loose, sagging skin, and eliminates bags beneath the eyes. Since the laser beam cauterizes the blood vessel as it reshapes the tissue, it prevents bleeding during the procedure and allows Dr. Justo to visualize exactly how much tissue to remove. This makes the procedure quicker, safer, and more effective than traditional surgery.

Benefits of Laser Eyelid Surgery

The benefits of laser eyelid surgery include:

  • No incisions with scalpels or knives
  • Provides the ability for greater precision
  • Greater access to small and delicate areas
  • Reduced chance of post-operative swelling
  • Quicker recovery than the traditional procedure
  • Less risk than with traditional eyelid surgery
  • Quicker and more effective when compared to traditional eyelid surgery
  • Simultaneous laser skin resurfacing for the treatment of lines, wrinkles, and crow's feet around the eyes

Laser Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Emilio Justo of the Arizona Eye Institute in Phoenix, AZ, explains laser blepharoplasty, or laser eyelid surgery. He discusses why the procedure is performed, what patients can expect during surgery, and the difference between upper and lower eyelid procedures. Laser therapy offers several advantages over traditional blepharoplasty.

Eyelid Surgery Testimonials

If you are considering eyelid surgery, we encourage you to view Before & After photos and read our patient testimonials.

Before and After ImagePatricia's Story

Patricia Mealy got the scare of her life.

Driving roads she had driven for years, she realized she was crossing in to other people's lanes.

"I was on the freeway! When I realized. I stopped driving the freeway and began to lose my independence. Thankfully, I learned about eyelid surgery and I gained my vision and my independence back." 

Like many, Patricia did not realize that upper eyelid surgery is often authorized by insurance, due to its success in repairing vision constraints caused by drooping eyelids.

Read More of Patrcia's Story and Other Eyelid Surgery Stories

Watch a Live Eyelid Surgery

Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Dr. Emilio M. Justo invites you into his surgery center to witness as he performs an Upper and Lower Eyelid using the CO2 laser. A four lid blepharoplasty eliminates the excess droopy skin on the upper eyelid (a process often authorized by insurance companies), as well as eliminating bags under the eyes. Watch as Dr. Justo explains the procedure and shows each step. Portions of real surgery are included in this video.

Insurance Coverage

Like many patients, you may want to correct your drooping eyelids to improve your vision. However, you may be worried that you will not be able to afford the treatment. Fortunately, functional upper eyelid surgery is often covered by insurance. We will take extra steps to help you obtain the coverage you deserve.

Before beginning treatment, Dr. Justo will conduct a visual field test to determine if your drooping lids have significantly impaired your eyesight. If he establishes that blepharoptosis is affecting your vision and quality of life, he will submit your test results and photos to your insurance company to obtain treatment authorization.

Muscle Tightening Eyelid Surgery

Many individuals face a related diagnosis of ptosis, which means their eyelid muscles have weakened and no longer open completely. This condition also impacts peripheral vision and is corrected through an eyelid surgery performed at the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center called muellerectomy.  Detailed information about eyelid tightening and muellerectomy.

Learn More About Lower Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Justo can also eliminate baggy lower eyelids that can impact quality of life and your appearance. Click here for an educational video and information on your lower eyelid surgery.

Contact Us Today and Discover Your Options

We encourage you to ask us questions if you are considering eyelid surgery. We have three treatment centers in the Phoenix area from which to meet your needs, and would be happy to help you reach your cosmetic goals. Please contact the Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center today. Know a friend or family member who could benefit from an eyelid surgery consultation? We reward referrals!

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