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Please help us congratulate our Medical Director, Emilio M. Justo, MD, who presented his second TEDx talk in London, Ontario, Canada on February 2, 2024 at the TEDxWesternU event! The title of his talk is:

Unleashing the Drive Within: The OBSESSION Advantage to Unprecedented Success

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Once this TEDx YouTube video goes live, we will post it here!

In the meantime, please join the more than 5 Million Viewers who have watched Dr. Justo's first TEDx talk from August 12, 2023 at TEDxCherryCreekHS titled "Delayed Gratification: Your Superpower to Success" Please see the link below to view the full video, as well as photos of the event:

Delayed Gratification: Your Superpower to Success

Eyelid Surgery


Eyelid Surgery using lasers allows for less bleeding and better patient comfort. Dr. Justo was one of the first to adopt this technique and has performed thousands of these procedures. Patients discuss their positive results following eyelid surgery.

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[00:00:00.000] After I did have the surgery, that was the beginning of, okay, wow. [00:00:05.440] My eyes, I really look different. [00:00:17.080] When patients first come in, [00:00:18.280] they come in because they have droopy eyelids [00:00:21.840] and they see Dr. Justo. [00:00:23.920] If he recommends doing the eyelid surgery, [00:00:26.560] I do the preliminary testing. [00:00:28.320] Visual field is a test that tests your peripheral vision. [00:00:33.400] Patients who have droopy eyelids often won't see so purely like above. [00:00:37.880] Now blepharoplasty is a very, very common procedure, [00:00:41.720] and I've performed 15 or maybe even 20,000 by now. [00:00:46.840] I've lost track over the years. [00:00:48.480] I started performing blepharoplasty [00:00:51.080] back in my residency training in the 1980s, [00:00:54.440] but once beginning private practice in 1989, [00:00:58.040] I was one of the early adopters of the CO2 or carbon dioxide laser. [00:01:04.000] This has been a phenomenal benefit. [00:01:06.240] It makes the procedure so much smoother, [00:01:09.080] far less bleeding, and very comfortable for the patient and surgeon alike. [00:01:14.520] I had concerns about my eyelids. [00:01:18.320] I felt like they were drooping [00:01:20.720] and I had a lot of difficulty with my makeup [00:01:23.680] and I felt like that it was starting to affect [00:01:26.920] my peripheral vision a little bit. [00:01:29.680] I educate patients on their preoperative and postoperative instructions [00:01:34.400] for the eyelid surgery, [00:01:35.760] so they feel comfortable when they go into the surgery. [00:01:38.840] I can't imagine not having it now that I had the eyelid surgery. [00:01:43.160] I can't imagine life before that anymore. [00:01:46.880] I mustered up the courage to come on in [00:01:50.080] and go through the door, and I'm glad I did. [00:01:52.880] I'm glad I had the surgery. [00:01:54.240] It has been great. [00:01:56.640] The experience was great. [00:01:58.600] The confidence level after that has been wonderful. [00:02:03.160] I feel better about myself. [00:02:07.240] In upper lid blepharoplasty, [00:02:08.640] the majority of our patients are done strictly under local anesthesia [00:02:14.080] with or without a little touch of oral valium to take the edge off. [00:02:18.840] Yes, there's the occasional patient who confides in us [00:02:22.360] that they're extra nervous or anxious, [00:02:24.800] in which case we're happy to plan the procedure with a little bit [00:02:29.120] of intravenous sedation administered by our anesthetist. [00:02:32.800] Upper lid blepharoplasty is a very gentle and quick procedure. [00:02:37.920] Operative time taking only between 20-25 minutes. [00:02:42.120] Once the redundant skin and fatty tissue is removed, then there's a little stitch [00:02:46.720] or suture on the upper eyelid crease, which we'll take out the following week. [00:02:51.920] The surgery, it was just miraculous because within, [00:02:57.840] I think, the day that I had surgery, and obviously you're a bit swollen, [00:03:02.440] but not overly so, I could tell the difference [00:03:06.040] when my husband was driving home, that I could really... [00:03:09.760] Things opened up. [00:03:11.800] It wasn't like looking through tunnel vision. [00:03:14.680] Now, functional benefits of upper eyelid blepharoplasty are many, [00:03:18.400] including: increased peripheral vision, [00:03:21.520] less tiredness, headaches or brow aches from heavy lids, better vision overall. [00:03:27.800] Of course, the most obvious is the esthetic enhancement [00:03:31.320] from not looking so tired. [00:03:33.400] After the surgery, patients will come in [00:03:37.080] and I will take their sutures out about nine days after the surgery. [00:03:41.280] That's the day that is the most rewarding to me because I get to see [00:03:44.920] how everyone looks and hear how happy everyone is with the results. [00:03:50.080] It made a huge difference. [00:03:51.520] I recommend it. [00:03:53.040] In fact, when I was in here having my stitches out, one of my neighbors [00:03:57.480] who I mentioned the surgery to, had had the surgery two days after me. [00:04:02.120] He and I were checking out at the desk [00:04:04.200] talking about, "Hey, we can see. This is really amazing." [00:04:08.720] Lower lid blepharoplasty, in our practice, I always perform under IV sedation. [00:04:16.440] With lower eyelid blepharoplasty, [00:04:18.800] I make an internal incision on the inside of the lid using the laser. [00:04:23.920] That internal incision, because that is a mucus membrane [00:04:27.560] and it's not skin, it does not require any sutures. [00:04:31.760] The healing is very, very quick [00:04:33.960] and generally speaking, has very, very little bruising associated with it. [00:04:39.680] Once we remove the fat pockets [00:04:41.320] on the lower lid blepharoplasty, in many cases, but not all, [00:04:45.800] in many cases, I will do a light laser peel around the eyelids [00:04:50.440] for a little extra rejuvenation and a little texturization of the skin. [00:04:55.120] Thank you for your attention. [00:04:56.440] I look forward to seeing you soon.

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