Eyelid Recovery


Patients and staff explain what to expect during eyelid surgery recovery. Stitches are removed about nine days after surgery. Patients discuss their results and the benefits they experience after eyelid surgery.

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[00:00:09.120] The surgery, it was just miraculous. [00:00:13.280] After the surgery, patients will come in [00:00:15.760] and I will take their sutures out about nine days after the surgery. [00:00:20.280] That's the day that is the most rewarding to me because I get to see [00:00:24.040] how everyone looks [00:00:25.520] and hear how happy everyone is with the results. [00:00:28.880] When I was in here having my stitches out, one of my neighbors [00:00:32.640] who I mentioned the surgery to, had had the surgery two days after me. [00:00:37.280] He and I were checking out at the desk [00:00:39.360] talking about, "Hey, we can see. This is really amazing." [00:00:42.800] Having the upper eyelid surgery [00:00:44.840] took away all of my afternoon headaches and sleepiness and my vision. [00:00:51.280] All of this was gone. [00:00:53.240] Within a few days after the surgery [00:00:55.280] and the swelling had gone down, that whole world opened up again. [00:00:58.440] Sometimes after people have had eyelid surgery, [00:01:00.960] an upper and lower eyelid surgery, or they've had a brow lift, [00:01:04.480] they still have areas on their face that may bother them, [00:01:09.080] where there's lines and wrinkles and volume loss, [00:01:12.000] so that makes sense to bring in fillers and do fillers here. [00:01:15.760] Then people have decided that they want their skin to be as smooth [00:01:21.960] as the rest of their face after they've had eyelid surgery, [00:01:25.560] so it makes sense to bring the skin care in. [00:01:27.800] I was given excellent care. [00:01:29.760] I was given excellent information [00:01:32.760] on how the surgery would go, how my recovery time, [00:01:37.480] how I would feel during recovery. [00:01:41.560] When I came back to get the checkup, [00:01:43.520] everything was spot on, [00:01:45.080] and it was an absolutely excellent experience. [00:01:48.240] I had my eyelid surgery here. [00:01:50.120] I had skin care done here and permanent makeup. [00:01:54.600] I feel like they just offer so much to me as an individual, to all of us. [00:02:00.120] It makes it so simple because, again, you feel like a family here. [00:02:04.920] It was a fairly quick recovery time. [00:02:07.920] It was quicker than I anticipated, which was nice.

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