Georgia after Cataract Surgery

Vision Restoration with Cataract Surgery


Georgia Lindsey discusses the way that Dr. Emilio Justo helped improve her vision with cataract surgery. She was having trouble doing puzzles, reading, and driving at night. After surgery, her vision restoration was remarkable.

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GEORGIA: My name is Georgia Lindsey and I came to Dr. Justo because I knew I needed something done with my eyes. Because I couldn’t see real good. And, so I thought I probably do have cataracts. Then he reiterated that, yes, I did have cataracts and suggested that I have cataract surgery. I started noticing quite a few changes in my eyesight. My reading and watching TV wasn’t as clear. The colors weren’t as clear as they used to be. Also, I love doing puzzles. And I couldn’t do my puzzles as well as I used to. It eliminates you from doing a lot of stuff that you really like to do. I love to read and my eyes would get really tired. And even driving at night, I had a problem because you’d see all kinds of lights. So, I didn’t feel real safe driving at night anymore either. My husband even said, “You know, you keep telling me that your eyesight isn’t like it used to be.” So, I figured if I was talking about it, it’s probably true. He’s very caring and he explains things to you. He takes his time with you and he explains things in a layman’s terms rather than medically. The procedure was wonderful. I didn’t feel anything. And he sings, he hums and I love it. It’s great! And I kept telling him all through the surgery too, I just love your singing. And the nurse holds your hand through the whole surgery. You just feel so confident. You just feel so special…you feel special. The color came back unbelievably and I love to watch football on TV but I like it nice and clear. I don’t like it fuzzy. When we’d watch football on TV, the colors I just kept saying, “Oh this is great! Look at the grass!” Their uniforms and everything were just so spectacular. And I can drive now without glasses. I can watch TV without glasses and I had glasses since I was in the sixth grade. I would definitely do it again and I’m excited because I’m having my eyelid surgery done. This is a great way to start a new year, feeling good about yourself. And Dr. Justo and his staff have been responsible for that and I’m just so grateful for that. As far as referring him, I have referred him to several people and I know that he’ll take good care of them, just like he has me.

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