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Delayed Gratification: Your Superpower to Success

Permanent Makeup


Stephanie Morlock is a certified permanent cosmetic professional at Arizona Eye Institute. She explains how she performs cosmetic procedures to enhance a patient's facial appearance. After over two decades, she still enjoys her job, her co-workers, and helping patients achieve their cosmetic goals with permanent makeup.

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[00:00:00.000] My name is Stephanie Morlock, [00:00:11.640] and I'm a certified permanent cosmetic professional at Arizona Eye Institute. [00:00:17.920] I've been working at Arizona Eye Institute [00:00:19.720] for over two decades, and I love what I do. [00:00:23.400] I do all the permanent makeup in the office, [00:00:26.560] and I just enjoy working with my patients and just making their face my canvas. [00:00:34.560] I do really beautiful natural hairstroke eyebrows, [00:00:38.760] and beautiful eyeliner just to accentuate their eyes. [00:00:42.280] I love working at Arizona Eye Institute [00:00:44.640] because a lot of our employees have been here for over 15 years. [00:00:49.800] We're like a family here. [00:00:51.360] I'm a lifetime member [00:00:52.920] with the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. [00:00:56.440] Many years ago when I started doing permanent makeup, [00:00:58.720] it was very important to me to get my certification [00:01:03.520] and to maintain that with continuing education and training. [00:01:09.000] I met Stephanie, and she's a doll and so friendly. [00:01:14.320] I actually have permanent eyeliner and permanent eyebrows, [00:01:19.280] and I love them. [00:01:20.520] I love them. [00:01:22.440] Let me tell you why, as a woman. [00:01:25.200] My day goes, I put on tinted lotion, [00:01:27.440] I put on bronzer on my cheeks and eyelids and I put on mascara, [00:01:31.280] I'm done. [00:01:31.960] I'm done for the day. [00:01:33.680] That's a big deal for women. [00:01:35.400] I had surgery when I had my knees replaced, [00:01:38.000] and I remember the surgeon saying, Joanne, you can't wear makeup. [00:01:41.960] I said, Sorry, but it's not makeup. [00:01:45.160] It's just my natural beauty. [00:01:47.680] The nurses in the OR said, Where do you go? [00:01:51.920] It's just really nice. [00:01:54.040] You don't always have to fiddle around with makeup [00:01:56.720] because if you're eyeliner, I have, I think, [00:02:02.320] predominant eyes are my predominant feature on my face. [00:02:07.920] I always want to make sure they look good [00:02:10.200] and you don't have to put makeup on with the permanent eyeliner. [00:02:13.960] I love it. [00:02:14.400] It's really great, as are the eyebrows. [00:02:18.880] I think if you have those two things done on your face, [00:02:21.240] it makes a huge difference. [00:02:23.920] When I'm working with a patient, [00:02:25.800] I think that gives them a lot of comfort to know that I do have extensive training, [00:02:32.080] certifications, and many, many years of experience. [00:02:35.640] The best candidate for permanent cosmetics is a woman who wants color, [00:02:41.960] who has felt like as they have aged, [00:02:45.280] they have lost eyebrow hairs, [00:02:47.120] or they've lost the color in the eyelid area. [00:02:51.120] They really want to frame their face, give their eyes a pop of color, [00:02:56.000] and just to have that ease in the morning when they're getting up [00:03:00.120] that they don't have to immediately put their eyebrows on. [00:03:03.520] If there's someone who's very, very active [00:03:06.240] doing sports and swimming and golf and pickle ball, [00:03:09.720] and they really want that color that's not going to come off [00:03:14.120] when they perspire or when they get into the water. [00:03:16.400] Permanent cosmetics [00:03:17.840] for patients who have no eyebrows or have lost their eyelashes over time [00:03:23.840] will give them a confidence level that they have lost. [00:03:27.480] Because when they wake up in the morning, they have their beautiful eyebrows [00:03:32.160] and they aren't having to think about that every day [00:03:35.360] and putting eyebrows on every day. [00:03:37.680] It just gives them a confidence and a freedom [00:03:40.040] that they hadn't had for many years.

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