New Announcement - February 2, 2024

Please help us congratulate our Medical Director, Emilio M. Justo, MD, who presented his second TEDx talk in London, Ontario, Canada on February 2, 2024 at the TEDxWesternU event! The title of his talk is:

Unleashing the Drive Within: The OBSESSION Advantage to Unprecedented Success

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Once this TEDx YouTube video goes live, we will post it here!

In the meantime, please join the more than 5 Million Viewers who have watched Dr. Justo's first TEDx talk from August 12, 2023 at TEDxCherryCreekHS titled "Delayed Gratification: Your Superpower to Success" Please see the link below to view the full video, as well as photos of the event:

Delayed Gratification: Your Superpower to Success

Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center


The Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center combines the latest in technology with experience and skill to diagnose and treat a variety of ocular issues. From routine eye exams to sophisticated surgical procedures and cosmetic eye care, we are your one-stop shop. Our team of eye specialists provides comprehensive treatment and personalized care to help patients in the Phoenix area protect and restore their vision.

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[00:00:09.920] One thing that you will never see me do is I never rush our patients. [00:00:14.400] I will sit in the examination room until all of your questions are answered. [00:00:21.080] I think Dr. Justo is a phenomenal doctor and person. [00:00:25.640] He truly does care [00:00:27.560] about each individual patient and wants to make sure that they [00:00:31.520] understand everything about the procedure that they're going to be having done. [00:00:35.800] I opened up our flagship office, which is the Sun City West office, [00:00:41.400] and I call it the flagship office because we serve many different roles here. [00:00:47.080] We not only have the traditional standard ophthalmology and optometric care [00:00:53.440] for the diagnosis and management of eye disease, [00:00:57.200] routine eye examinations, and glasses and contact lenses, [00:01:02.280] but we also have our surgical center. [00:01:05.600] We're very proud of the fact that our surgical center here, [00:01:08.800] also known as an ASC, which stands for ambulatory surgery center, [00:01:13.600] is both Medicare certified, it's state licensed, [00:01:17.360] and it's accredited by AAAHC, which is a national accrediting agency. [00:01:22.800] In our ophthalmic practice, [00:01:25.600] we have a unique system that I'm very proud of that we've [00:01:28.600] developed over the years, [00:01:30.560] and that is that we have medically trained optometrists [00:01:35.480] who do the majority of what is known as our primary eye care. [00:01:39.920] We can address anything that comes through the door, [00:01:42.880] different eye conditions, diseases, and we have the experience and knowhow [00:01:49.200] to be able to pretty much take care of everything here. [00:01:53.960] These outstanding doctors [00:01:56.680] are well capable, truly as equally capable as me [00:02:00.440] of providing first class eye care for our glaucoma patients, our diabetic patients, [00:02:06.840] our macular degeneration patients, and even our cataract patients. [00:02:11.320] Bringing together these different specialties, [00:02:13.240] optometry, ophthalmology, specialists in cataract surgery, [00:02:17.440] laser vision correction, [00:02:19.080] and giving patients every single option they had for achieving [00:02:22.640] what they wanted to get out of their vision [00:02:24.400] and the health of their eyes. [00:02:26.160] We like to spend a lot of time with our patients. [00:02:28.960] We like to make everyone feel that they're [00:02:30.680] the most important person we've seen all day. [00:02:33.360] These are not optometrists that you would find in so-called [00:02:37.920] big box retail centers, [00:02:39.840] but these are exquisite doctors who really [00:02:43.240] know the eye and know pathology [00:02:46.880] and can diagnose and treat your conditions. [00:02:51.080] I've been in ophthalmology for 27 years, and it's a passion. [00:02:55.720] I see that other people I work with, [00:02:58.680] other technicians that have that same value. [00:03:01.560] We at Arizona Eye Institute are always continuing our education and continuing [00:03:08.960] our knowledge by reaching out in the community [00:03:12.560] and seeing what's going on in the community, [00:03:14.280] what's going on in technology, [00:03:15.960] to make sure that we are offering our patients [00:03:18.720] the latest procedures, the latest technology, [00:03:21.960] the latest equipment. [00:03:23.360] This office is on their game. [00:03:25.240] They have mastered the art of patient care. [00:03:29.600] It is incumbent upon us [00:03:31.560] to treat each and every patient with the utmost in respect and dignity. [00:03:37.320] It feels like a family here, [00:03:39.800] and everybody is so friendly, and they just treat you so well. [00:03:44.080] It's nice to come to one place to get all of this done. [00:03:47.800] I feel like the patients, [00:03:49.960] if they know we've been here for a very long time, [00:03:53.600] they think that it's a good place to come [00:03:56.120] because the employees are being taken care of, [00:03:59.280] and then in turn, we'll take care of the patients. [00:04:01.880] They're very warm. [00:04:03.920] It almost feels like you're coming to visit your family. [00:04:06.760] I don't say that lightly. [00:04:08.480] It's just nice working with someone [00:04:10.400] that you have confidence in because you know that the patient is in good hands. [00:04:14.440] Well, patients can expect to be treated with kindness and with attention. [00:04:20.120] We like to give everyone the attention [00:04:23.080] that they deserve and the time that they deserve and with courtesy as well. [00:04:27.880] We do believe that our practice is unique and offers many benefits, [00:04:33.080] and that's why we would encourage you and welcome you to come visit us. [00:04:37.120] There is nothing more gratifying [00:04:39.400] than having an existing patient refer a friend, a neighbor, a family member. [00:04:45.560] That to me is the biggest thank you that I can receive.

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Ophthalmologist and plastic surgeon Emilio Justo founded Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center in 1989. With locations in Sun City West, Sun City, and Wickenburg, AZ, we help patients from the Phoenix area and beyond improve and maintain their vision through quality eye care. Our doctors are affiliated with prestigious organizations, including:

  • The American Board of Ophthalmology
  • The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • The Arizona Medical Association
  • The Arizona Ophthalmological Society
  • The Phoenix Ophthalmological Society

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