Roxanne Dorty, RN


Roxanne Dorty is a registered nurse here at Arizona Eye Institute and Cosmetic Laser Center. She has been with our practice for 16 years and strives to build lasting relationships with patients. She enjoys working with the doctors at our Phoenix practice because they lead by setting an example of their values.

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[00:00:00.160] My name is Roxanne Dorty. I'm a registered nurse. [00:00:03.440] I have been with Arizona Eye Institute and Cosmetic Laser Center for... [00:00:08.280] This is my 16th year. [00:00:19.200] Well, what I've been able to do over 16 years [00:00:21.880] is build relationships with my patients. [00:00:24.680] Some of the patients have been here since I started in 2006, [00:00:28.680] and I've seen them as surgical patients with Dr. Justo [00:00:32.400] and I have followed them on throughout the years. [00:00:36.040] The values that Dr. Emilio Justo has set forth for Arizona Eye Institute [00:00:42.840] are they set well with my values. [00:00:44.760] I appreciate working for an employer that cares about his employees. [00:00:51.040] I also like working with coworkers that care about each other. [00:00:56.480] The treatments that I do here are are the esthetic treatments [00:01:00.760] which include doing Botox, [00:01:01.720] which is for lines and wrinkles between the eyes, [00:01:05.000] the forehead around the crow's feet, the sides of the eyes. [00:01:09.560] I also do fillers, dermal fillers, which go basically anywhere in the face. [00:01:14.280] You can put them anywhere in the body. [00:01:16.040] I do the skin care, which has to do with the Abache skin care [00:01:19.920] medical grade skin care that we use here at the practice [00:01:22.800] where exclusively Abache skin care products, [00:01:26.120] which are for anti-aging [00:01:27.880] and eliminating brown spots and discoloration in the skin. [00:01:31.440] I do the hair removal. [00:01:32.840] We're certified in cosmetic lasers. [00:01:34.880] I also do spider vein treatments [00:01:37.680] by injecting it with an FDA-approved product [00:01:41.280] to take away spider veins on the legs. [00:01:45.000] We at Arizona Eye Institute are always continuing our education [00:01:50.160] and continuing our knowledge by reaching out in the community [00:01:55.120] and seeing what's going on in the community, [00:01:56.840] what's going on in technology [00:01:58.560] to make sure that we are offering our patients the latest procedures, [00:02:03.880] the latest technology, the latest equipment. [00:02:06.680] Roxanne affected me dramatically because she is so upbeat and so positive [00:02:15.480] when it comes to working with you as an individual. [00:02:19.800] She treats every person so special. [00:02:22.960] It's just been a positive experience. [00:02:25.800] Roxanne has become like my good friend. [00:02:28.480] I mean, she has helped me so much. [00:02:32.160] When I first came here two years ago, I was feeling really low, [00:02:36.320] a low point in my life because I was looking a little older [00:02:41.320] and I didn't want that because in my heart, [00:02:43.520] I was I'm still a young girl. [00:02:46.440] I love Roxanne because she listens to you. [00:02:51.040] While I wanted to be refreshed looking, I did not want to look like [00:02:56.400] some of the pictures we see of celebrities who become unrecognizable. [00:03:02.280] I don't want people to know that I've had Botox. [00:03:07.640] It's a one-stop shop and patients, [00:03:10.640] they keep coming back for years and years and years. [00:03:13.400] That's why I stay is just those relationships. [00:03:17.160] They mean a lot to me. [00:03:18.440] I know that what I do means a lot to my patients as well.

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